Vevay Town Council awards engineering contract for ditch work


The Vevay Town Council held its regular meeting on Monday night, and the council awarded engineering contracts for work that is set to begin on the town’s drainage ditches.

There were two bids submitted for the contract; one from the Strand Company and one from M.D. Wessler.

After considering both proposals, town councilman Jamie Hayes made the motion to award the contract to Strand because of the town’s past experience with the company. Pete Furnish seconded the motion; and council president Keith Smith agreed.

Later in the meeting the council received a quote from Strand for an on-site inspector during the sewer line replacement project that will begin on the east end of town. The quote was for $25,700; and Strand estimated that the project will take approximately nine weeks.

The town council tabled this suggestion.

In other business discussed by the Vevay Town Council:

— Jamie Hayes made a motion to permanently close the alley that is located north of Pike Street and south of Seminary Street; east of Main Cross Street and west of Liberty Street because of the new county jail.

The utility right-of-way will remain in the alley; and Pete Furnish seconded the motion and it was approved.

— Tom Perotti of the Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District to the town council that he is in the process of collecting specifications in preparation for accepting trash collection and recycling bids for the town. The town’s current contract runs out in November of this year.

— Bovard Construction presented the town with a quote for the ditch work on Seminary and Washington streets in the amount of $4,000. Pete Furnish made the motion for this work to be done, and Jamie Hayes seconded the motion. All were in favor.

— The town council received a thank you note from the Historic Vevay board of directors for its financial support of the Hoosier Theater.

— The town received complaints about the condition of the property at 601 West Main Street.

— Jamie Hayes mentioned that the street light on Maple Street is burned out.

— Pete Furnish asked that town residents refrain from blowing cut grass unto town streets as they mow as the Swiss Wine Festival nears. Town workers have been sweeping the streets in preparation of the festival.

— The town council is still seeking a fourth member of the Vevay Park Board. By statute, the new member has to be a registered Democrat.

— The next meeting of the Vevay Town Council will be held on Monday, September 12th. The meeting is held at Vevay Town Hall, and will begin at 6:30 p.m. The meeting is open to the public.