Vevay Police Department has new faces, busy year during 2017


As the Chief of the Vevay Police Department, I wanted to give the community a report on our department and calls for service that we responded to during 2017.

The Vevay Police Department has many new faces in its agency. The department has decreased the number of officers on the department by one in 2017.

• Roy Leap grew up and graduated from Switzerland County. Officer Leap has 28 year of service to Switzerland County. Officer Leap was hired as the school resource officer in 2016 and continues to show his importance to the Switzerland County School Corporation as well as the Vevay Police Department. Officer Leap taking hold of this position has allowed road officers to concentrate on other important issues in the community. Officer Leap is also a Law Enforcement Academy Certified Instructor, Forensic Cell phone analyst, and a wealth of information to the department.

• The police department also promoted 18 year veteran John Pritchard to Corporal as an interim to Sergeant. Corporal Pritchard fills many duties on the department – department supervisor, Law Enforcement Academy Instructor for active shooter and Emergency Vehicle Operations, Field Training Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, and Evidence Room Handler.

• Shane Griffin grew up and graduated from Switzerland County. Officer Griffin graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 2017. Officer Griffin is a great asset to the police department due to his knowledge of white-collar type crimes and living in the community his whole life. Officer Griffin continues to grow as an officer placing himself in many other rolls within the department.

• Kevin Adams and Austin Boggs grew up and graduated from Switzerland County. Both officers were hired in 2017. They will be attending the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy this year. Officers Adams and Boggs are young men who are eager to serve the community they grew up in.

• Mike McCoy is a part-time officer for the Vevay Police Department. Officer McCoy has 14 years of law enforcement experience. Officer McCoy assists the agency in a large way. In holding this part-time position it allows the police departments over time budget to be decreased. Officer McCoy is a full time law enforcement officer with Norfolk Southern Railroad Police Department.

• James Richards has 12 years of service to the Town of Vevay 10 of those years as the Police Chief. Chief Richards graduated Instructor Development in 2017; becoming an Indiana Law Enforcement Instructor, and this year will be the physical tactics instructor as well as general instructor for the department.

The Vevay Police Department would like to thank all local agencies for their assistance through 2017. It takes a community and help from everyone, for us to give the community the services it deserves.

Attached is a list of calls to service for the Vevay Police Department:

11 911 calls, hangup or no response call; one 911 call, misdial; two 911 calls, transfer to other agency; six calls reporting an abandoned vehicle; 41 alarms calls; three alarm calls, bank; eight alarm calls, residential; 43 ambulance calls; 24 ambulance calls, third party; one ambulance call, alarm company; eight ambulance calls, lift assist; one ambulance call, medical on scene; two ambulance calls, other agency; three calls reporting an animal carcass in the roadway; 21 animal complaints; two area checks; one call reporting an auto accident, car versus deer; 10 calls reporting an auto accident, leaving the scene; eight calls reporting an auto accident, personal injury; 43 calls reporting an auto accident, property damage; two calls reporting battery; two calls reporting burglary, just occurred; five calls reporting a burglary, cold; 11 business checks; one call reporting child abuse; 29 calls reporting criminal mischief; 13 calls reporting criminal mischief, now or just occurred; five calls reporting a custody dispute; six calls reporting a death; 22 calls reporting a disabled vehicle; 39 calls reporting a domestic disturbance; 55 drug-related calls; two duplicate calls; two extra patrols; 26 calls reporting a fight; six calls reporting a fight, verbal; five calls reporting a fire, alarm; seven calls reporting a fire, all others; one call reporting a fire, car; three calls reporting a fire, controlled burn; one call reporting a fire, grass; one call reporting a fire, illegal burn; one call reporting a fire, structure; 31 follow up investigations; one call reporting a four wheeler accident; one call making a four wheeler complaint; 12 calls reporting fraud; one call asking for general information; eight calls reporting harassment; one call reporting indecent exposure; eight calls reporting intimidation; five calls reporting an intoxicated driver; 37 calls reporting an intoxicated person; 45 calls reporting a problem with a juvenile; three calls reporting livestock in the roadway; one call reporting livestock running at large; 23 loud noise complaints; one marine incident; three calls concerning someone with mental issues; 45 miscellaneous calls; four calls reporting a missing juvenile; one call reporting a missing person; six calls reporting a neighbor dispute; five non-emergency transports; 23 other agency assist calls; 12 calls reporting a property dispute; three pursuits; three calls reporting rape; 28 calls reporting a reckless vehicle; one call reporting a renter/landlord dispute; six calls reporting residential entry; six calls reporting a restraining order violation; two calls reporting a road being blocked; six search warrants; four calls reporting shots being fired; eight calls reporting a suicidal subject; 32 calls reporting suspicious activity; seven calls reporting a suspicious object; 63 calls reporting a suspicious person; 38 calls reporting a suspicious vehicle; eight calls reporting theft, auto; 49 calls reporting a theft, cold; three calls reporting theft, from vehicle; five calls reporting theft, from vehicle, cold; nine calls reporting theft, just occurred; nine calls reporting theft, shoplifting; 12 calls reporting a traffic hazard; 897 traffic stops; one training call; four calls reporting trash dumping; 10 calls reporting trespassing; three calls reporting unauthorized control; 35 calls reporting an unwanted subject; one call reporting a utility problem; 30 vehicle identification checks; one call asking for assistance with a vehicle lockout; 38 warrants served; and 35 welfare checks.

– James Richards, Chief

Vevay Police Department