Vevay Police apprehend juvenile


After receiving a tip from police officials in Kentucky, members of the Vevay Police Department located and apprehended a 15-year old male juvenile on Tuesday morning.

According to Vevay Police Chief James Richards, a call came into the IDEX computer terminal from police officers in Kentucky at about 9 a.m. on an “attempt to locate” that involved a 15-year old juvenile.

Kentucky authorities reported that the juvenile had stolen his grandfather’s car, and they had reason to believe that he was on his way to Vevay in search of his girlfriend.

Vevay town officer Pete Schonfeld then located the vehicle a short time later, conducting a traffic stop on the vehicle on Ferry Street near the intersection of Pike Street.

“He was going northbound on Ferry Street and Vevay Police Department made a traffic stop and he’s being detained at this time,” Chief Richards said on Tuesday afternoon.

The subject was taken into custody without incident, but Chief Richards said that weapons were found in the vehicle.

Along with Officer Schonfeld, Vevay officer John Pritchard was also on the scene of the stop; and the officers were assisted by Indiana State Police officers Noel Kinney and Patrick Williams; and Switzerland County Sheriff’s deputy Michael Dawson.

“I think moving as quickly as they did, the officers didn’t give the juvenile time to figure out what he was going to do, so it all worked out well,” Chief Richards said.