Vevay man arrested on various charges


The Vevay Police Department has arrested a Vevay man on charges stemming from identity deception to home improvement and welfare fraud.

Vevay Police Chief James Richards said that on Monday, June 14th, his department was assisted by the Indiana State Police, the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department and the North Vernon Police Department in the arrest of Frank Reed of Vevay.

Frank Reed has been living under the alias of Michael Peppers here.

Chief Richards said that on Monday officers began searching for Frank Reed in town, and that when the defendant discovered that he was being sought, he relocated to North Vernon in an effort to avoid contact with local officers.

Chief Richards said that officers discovered Frank Reed in North Vernon at approximately 8 p.m. Monday night, arrested him, and returned him to the Switzerland County jail.

After being interviewed by the Indiana State Police and by Vevay Police, Frank Reed was charged with Identity Deception; Home Improvement Fraud; and Welfare Fraud.

“If anyone has had any bad business dealing with Frank Reed – or Michael Peppers, they should contact the Vevay Police Department at 427-3737,” Chief James Richards said. “Those calling should be aware that the false reporting of a crime is a crime within itself.”