Vevay Main Street’s ‘A Flair for Wine’ event is set for tomorrow night


Vevay Main Street, Inc., will hold its annual fundraiser, “A Flair for Wine”, tomorrow (Friday) night.

The event will be held at the Ogle Haus Inn.

As a part of the event each year, there is an art auction, and this year five local artists have generously donated their talents to original works, all to benefit Vevay Main Street programs.

The locally-produced art has been on display at the Community Art Center at the corner of Main and Ferry streets in Vevay.

The five artists include:

- Mary Brown. Mary has donated an original stained glass work for the event.

She always liked a challenge and began watching a show on TV where a lady was working with stained glass. Although she may have gotten some basic tips on glass work, Mary saw no reason why she couldn’t go buy the materials and begin making the pieces in the way she envisioned them.

Mary creates stained glass art but adds dimensions to almost every piece she creates. She began looking at family members and pets and realized she could create portraits of people and animals with stained glass.

For the ‘Flair for Wine’ art auction, Mary is completing a Crème Magnolia and Black Butterfly fireplace screen approximately 40 inches wide and 34 inches tall and is created with over 200 pieces. It is hinged and setting in iron framework built by Ted.

There will be a dimension added to the piece and Mary is contemplating what will make that black butterfly pop. The numerous colors and textures of glass in the piece will provide a beautiful decorative piece to any space.

- Ted Brown. Ted has donated an original metalwork piece for ‘A Flair for Wine.’

Raised in Cincinnati, Ted Brown perfected his metalworking skills while employed by a large mechanical contracting firm.

Wrestling pipe day after day for industrial and commercial clients, he came increasingly to appreciate metal as a medium. It can be cut, bent, welded, brazed, abraded, brushed, polished, and made into just about any shape.

He started making his own tools. Inquisitive by nature, he studied how metal artists went about their work.

He enjoys developing his own designs for furniture and other practical items out of new or repurposed steel. The larger the better.

On occasion he turns his attention to artistic pieces which capture a viewer’s fancy by creatively combining sturdy supports with graceful, whimsical elements.

For this year’s “Flair for Wine,” Ted is donating an as yet unnamed floor-model gong fashioned from a steel cylinder and other metals. It resonates both visually and audibly in a uniquely pleasing manner.

– Bill Burt. Bill has designed and donated a sideboard for this year’s auction.

Bill Burt was born in Rush County, grew up in Shelby County, and eventually moved to Switzerland County to take the position of lead engineer at Belterra.

That was two years ago. His adventures in woodworking began long before.

Bill’s workshop fills a two-and-a-half car garage on the west side of Vevay, with additional wood storage in the basement of the adjoining home.

Despite cramped quarters, he moves things around to create work space for larger projects. His biggest challenge, he says with a smile, is finding time to build furniture after working 12-hour shifts at the boat.

Bill likes to make furniture from solid wood, especially red or white oak and cherry. His favorite piece was commissioned after he made a casket for his mother. The funeral director liked his handiwork so much that he asked Bill to make a custom 21-rifle gun cabinet.

For the 2014 ‘Flair for Wine’, Bill is donating a 66-inch custom-made sideboard of solid walnut, featuring three drawers, two open shelves, two hidden end compartments for bottles or drinking glasses, and fittings of antique brass.

– Helen Hounshell. Helen has donated a beautiful quilt for this year’s auction.

Helen grew up in Bennington and recalled her mom making their clothes out of feed bags which was more common than not. As a child Helen was in 4-H program and began sewing at age nine.

She now does many commissioned pieces and fondly spoke of a gentleman who had lived all over the world and wanted a specialty oriental king size quilt.

With her beautiful fabrics and over 20,000 patterns (and still adding about 175 a month to her collection), there is no doubt that practically any design and color could be stitched in no time.

For the ‘Flair for Wine’ event, and it took three ladies to decide on a beautiful queen size quilt appropriately named ‘Thumbleberry Village’.

The many vibrant colors including gold, red, purple, blues and greens would accentuate any décor. The pattern certainly describes the scene with houses, evergreen trees, flowers and stars and the dimensions shown in the quilt by using different fabrics welcome you into the village.

– Sarah Thompson. For this year’s event, Sarah has donated an original painting.

Her family instilled much of her informal art career, (her mother is a sculptor; her maternal grandmother and maternal grandfather were both artists in oil; and her brother is an architect); but it was completed when Sarah attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she majored in sculpture and received extensive training in drawing and two-dimension and three-dimension.

Sarah is contributing a Prismacolor pencil drawing of an English countryside titled ‘A Rare Sight.’ A detailed and whimsical work of detail that is full or ornamentation and that includes a gypsy caravan reading wagon being gracefully pulled by a Gypsy Vanner horse with the English fields of grazing Scottish highlander cattle, Scottish thistle, yellow and orange Cleopatra butterflies, an English oak tree, barn swallows and a wave cloud, which is a rare sight.

The flowers of the English cottage garden were included as a tribute to Ron Hocker and his love of flowers and dedication to the Vevay Main Street program; and a wave cloud as a tribute in memory of Bud Acton, a friend and photographer.


The event, which raises money for Vevay Main Street to support preservation and enhancement activities in the commercial district of the Town of Vevay, will again feature “The Doctors Band”.

A limited number of tickets are still available; and may be purchased at the Vevay Main Street office, 105 West Pike Street.