Veterans honored at RSHS ceremony


Rising Sun High School hosted nearly 100 veterans for a Veterans Day breakfast and program on Friday, Nov. 10th.

The welcome was given by junior class president Jena Bovard. Posting of colors were by drum majors Andrew Courter and Sarah Camden. Sophomore class president A.J. Boes led the pledge of allegiance and senior class president Colton McKay gave a history of the holiday.

Student council president Kaleigh Mann and vice president Sydney Bostic presented gifts to the veterans.

The OCEMS fourth and fifth graders and high school choir performed selections under the direction on Angie Wilson. Tyler Umpleby led the high school band and performed taps along with Andrew Courter. Flags of each branch of service were presented by flag corps members Whitney Brunner, Shyanne Higham, Haley Peters, Alexia Weaver, and Anna Uhlmansiek.

The Ohio County Park Board Dancers did a tap dance routine.

Judy Wesley of the Veteran’s Ministry at Trinity Christian Center presented a flag for the Ohio County Elementary Middle School students who have sent packages to troops each year.

Veterans in attendance at the ceremony, which followed a morning breakfast, included:

Jim Boes U.S. Marines Vietnam Era

Ryan Bolser U.S. Marines Current

Larry Brett U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Randy Brittain U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Patrick Bujack U.S. Army 1994-2002

Albert Chipman U.S. Army and Air Force Korean War Era

Dave Cole U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Ralph Cole U.S. Air Force Korean and Vietnam Eras

Gary Davis U.S. Marines Iraq

Dill Dorrell U.S. Army Berlin & Cuban Missile Crisis

Mike Durham U.S. Air Force Post Desert Storm

Terry Elbright U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Gene Elliott U.S. Army Berlin Crisis

Robert Ernsting U.S. Marines WWII Era

Pat Ferrari U.S Army Vietnam Era

Dolores Gentile U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Shannon George U.S. Marines 1977-1999

Lynn Graves U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Jerry Hair U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Joe Halloran U.S. Army Vietnam Era

John Hobson U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Richard Hopper U.S. Army Korea

Tim Hussong U.S. Army Vietnam Era

David Hussung U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Crystal Johnson U.S. Navy 2001-2009

Michael Liggett U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Glenn Lyons U.S. Navy 1970-73

Ted Martin U.S. Army Korean Era

Kenneth McAlister U.S. Marines and National Guard Vietnam Era

Ervin McKinley U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Brad Morris U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Robert Oelker U.S. Army Korean Era

Bill Parks U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Pete Perpingon U.S. Air Force Vietnam

Glen Potts U.S. Army Vietnam and Iraq Eras

Michael Roth U.S. Army Afghanistan

William Roth U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Chad Russell U.S. Air Force Afghanistan

Bill Schreiner U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Jason Schreiner U.S. National Guard Currently serving

Lutz “Bo” Schreiner U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Kenny Schurick U.S. Marines Vietnam Era

Walter E. Shannon U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Paul Sheets U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Marty Sizemore U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Russell W. Slack U.S. Navy Korean Era

Terry Slack U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Kathleen Snyder U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Robert Stutzman U.S. Army 1957-1960

Jackson Sullivan U.S. Army OEF/OIF

Mike Taylor U. S. Army Desert Storm

Mason J. Uhlmansiek U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Michael Vogepohl U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Joe Walston U.S. Army Iraq-current

Selbert Walston U.S. Navy Korean Era

Gary Walton U.S. Marines Vietnam Era

Robert Weber U.S. Army Korean Era

Terry Webster U.S. Army Vietnam Era

David Werner U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Ron Wesley U.S. Air Force Libya

Gerald B. White U.S. Army WW II Era

Doug Whitham U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Kenny Williams U.S. Army Vietnam

Tina Workman U.S. Navy Desert Storm/Enduring Freedom

Terry Workman U.S. Navy Afghanistan