US Marshall in Vevay causes stir


The town of Vevay was in a state of confusion this week when it was reported that an officer with the US. Marshall’s Service was in town looking for a wanted criminal.

An officer was in Vevay on Tuesday, following up on a tip that a man known as O’Rein D. Crawford, 31, was staying at the Best Western Ogle Haus Inn. O’Rein Crawford has several warrants in Kenton County, Kentucky; and Boone County, Kentucky, for possession of forged instruments – according to a posting at the Switzerland County Sheriff’s office.

Vevay Police Chief Brian Morton said that he checked with security officials at Belterra Casino Resort and Spa, which owns the Best Western Ogle Haus Inn, and that there was no record of a person registered under the name of O’Rein D. Crawford at the hotel at all. Security also checked several aliases that O’Rein Crawford has been known to use, and none of them came up in the system.

The Marshall who acted on the tip found no one when he checked the hotel, and law enforcement officials with both the Vevay Police Department and the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department believe that – if he was ever here at all – O’Rein Crawford has now left the area.

Switzerland County Schools took extra security precautions on Tuesday in order to protect students; and others around the community took care to lock doors and take added security precautions as word spread of the officer’s presence here.


The head of the task force with the US Marshall’s office in Covington, Kentucky, who declined to be identified because of the nature of his work, said that the work of his officers had inadvertently set in motion some unfortunate panic in the community.

“We were working to serve an arrest warrant as a result of a ‘Crimestoppers’ lead that came in,” the officer said. “Unfortunately we have to follow all of them up. Most of the time 80- to 85-percent of them go nowhere, but we have to check them out.”

The officer confirmed that his office had no firm evidence that O’Rein Crawford had been in Switzerland County at all, but that he does have ties to the county.

“One of our task force officers went and talked to the mother of his children, who lives in Switzerland County,” the officer said. “She said that she hadn’t seen him in over a year.”

The head of the task force noted that his officers only spoke with the mother of the suspect’s children, and inform her that there was a warrant in case he showed up.

“Our intentions were to let her know that there was a warrant,” the officer said. “The only contact we had was through the mother of his children in order to give her a heads up. We didn’t go to the schools. He wasn’t seen at or near the schools. We didn’t call anyone. It may be that this has caused a stir because of the proximity of the Ogle Haus to the schools, but our only contact was with the mother of his children.”

The officer said that his task force became involved because “Crimestoppers” is based in Cincinnati; and his office is in Northern Kentucky, so they were able to go into Indiana to follow up the tip.

“No member of our task force is currently in Indiana actively looking for him,” the officer said of O’Rein Crawford. “We acted on a tip, and that’s it. He does have ties to the area, since the mother of his children lives there and he used to work at Belterra, but the woman hasn’t seen him in over a year. We don’t know that he was ever even there.”

The officer did note that “Crimestoppers” is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the apprehension of O’Rein Crawford. Anyone with information may call “Crimestoppers” toll free at 1-888-352-3040.