Uhlmansiek wins gold STAR at nationals


Rising Sun High School senior Anna Uhlmansiek had a busy summer including making a trip to the Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

The four year FCCLA member took part in various youth sessions and activities along with a well dressed gala.

The daughter of Mark and Shawna Uhlmansiek took part in the STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) event as Rising Sun’s first national qualifier.

In 2016 she received gold at the state convention and followed that up with a gold medal at nationals following her 10 minute speech on leadership.”That was pretty awesome,” she beamed with enthusiasm.

Anna is anxious to get her senior year started as district 12 president.

She has held offices throughout her high school career including historian as a freshman, vice president of recognition for the district as well as chapter (school) vice president. She was president of the Rising Sun chapter as a junior while serving as district secretary.

FCCLA members focus on home and leaders and communicating with adults. “We work to develop as a person, connect to our families and be leaders for community at the same time,” she adds.

During her previous three years she has attended three state conferences, three leadership academies and took part in various fund-raisers. They include a cook off, trivia night, bake sales and helping out with the annual park board dance recitals.

Two weeks prior to the national convention, Anna represented Rising Sun at the girls state held at Trine University.

At girls state she learned government and attended a state trooper exhibition. There she and 16 others ran for governor. “I didn’t win but it was fun,” she adds, making posters and writing speeches as a member of the federalist party.

Her experience through FCCLA has given her confidence to speak up in general situations more than she used to. She says that is evident in her position in the school flag corps, which she spent a week working on between girls state and the national.

As district president her goal is to put together meetings and work with other officers to create the best meeting possible for our members. This year’s mission is to improve membership. Dues are $15 to $20 for state and national fees.

“You can go to the state conference. That’s my favorite thing ever. It’s always fun and exciting. I’ve done three presentations at state including two with partners.”

The Rising Sun chapter has around 30 members and tries to meet once or twice a month. Meetings are held during plus period because of conflicts with sports, work and other events.

Teresa Patz is chapter advisor and accompanied Anna and her mom to the national convention on July 2 through 6.

“You don’t have to be fully involved but, the more you are, the more fun you have,” she contends. The club is not all female. Some guys likes to cook and want to go to culinary school.

The use of technology is important as Anna must prepare a power-point to show new members, use the website to plan trips.

Since returning she has worked on Facebook on a collectors map where she can trade pens with of pens from all states.

In addition to FCCLA she has been involved with the prom committee, drama, color guard, honor society, blood drive donating and academic team captain for three years.

Summer break is nearly over and this week she had to work on her application for the Lily Scholarship as well as start band camp.