Tye Sullivan, School Board


Tye Sullivan is a candidate for the Switzerland County School Board of Trustees, representing the Town of Vevay. He resides on Poplar Street in Vevay; and is the husband of Brooke Sullivan, and the couple has one son: Luke. He is the son of Rita Sullivan and the late Lowell Wayne Sullivan.

He is a graduate of Switzerland County High School; and earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana State University in communications with a minor in journalism. He is currently in his 10th year working at North American Stainless, where he is a Long Products Marketing Supervisor.


Why are you running for office?

Plain and simple, the kids of Switzerland County! As a Pacer alum and now a Pacer parent, I have a vested interest in our corporation and want to see that the children have a safe, educational experience while at Switzerland County Schools.

What are your qualifications?

I have served on the Vevay Town Council from 2008 – 2011, respectfully working with other members of the board and the clerk treasurer to make sure the most fiscally responsible decisions were being made for the Town of Vevay. In my current position at NAS, I have been exposed to several years of customer relations, financial budgeting and high level negotiating that I believe would be a valuable asset to bring to the Switzerland County School Board of Trustees.

What would be your priorities?

First and foremost, it would be to improve the board’s efforts to increase community and parental involvement in our corporation. Next, I will seek out advice from our greatest resources, the students and staff of Switzerland County, to help me become a more valuable school board member. Lastly, I will work together with the other board members in a manner that is both respectful and transparent to the community that we serve.

What makes you the better candidate?

My opponent and I both have unique ideas and new perspectives that we would like to introduce to the board that focus on the betterment of our corporation and the quality of education for our students. I am confident that the Town of Vevay would be well represented by either Carla Burt or Tye Sullivan.