Tutoring helps students achieve academic goals


By Trisha Myers,

Program Development Coordinator

Education Center of Rising Sun

“Nothing succeeds like success.”

So goes an English Proverb, and it certainly applies to students who have gotten back on track and improved their grades. Sometimes all it takes is individualized help and instruction. At the Education Center of Rising Sun, located at 591 Smart Drive, students are getting the help they need from experienced educators who are committed to their academic success.

Now in its third year, the tutoring program has helped dozens of local students improve both grades and self-esteem. Some continue on in the program for homework help, while others leave after achieving sufficient understanding so that they are no longer struggling.

The Education Center of Rising Sun is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Ohio County Community Foundation. The tutoring program was started up in 2014 at the request of Rising Sun schools to help students with homework and subject comprehension. The program is available for all area students, not just Rising Sun. It has been very successful and continues to grow. Tutoring is offered in a wide range of subjects for grades K through 12.

The Education Center can be reached at (812) 584-1836 or (812) 438-2437.