“Train” rolls through county causing damage but no injuries


Many residents of the Southeastern Indiana reported hearing the sound of a train roaring through their homes early Wednesday, March 1st. Many of those residents were without electric as the proverbial month came in with a roar.

The National Weather Service reported the cause was straight line winds of 65 to 85 MPH that included damage in Ohio and Switzerland counties along with Boone, Kenton, and Gallatin counties in Kentucky.

Ohio County Communications reported a severe thunderstorm warning until 2:45 a.m. which was extended until 3:45 after a severe thunderstorm was located over Rising Sun and headed east.

Another storm warning was issued until 5:45 a.m. but was extended until 6:45 after a thunderstorm was located 11 miles north of Madison and heading east at 65 MPH.

In Ohio County, from Rising Sun to Bellview Lane, to Hartford, to Aberdeen, there wasn’t an area that wasn’t affected.

Barns and houses had their roofs torn off with trees and roads covered in metal.

Amidst its all, there were no injuries reported.

One hard hit area was along State Road 56 at the home of Don and Rose Marie Curry. Utility crews from REMC were on the scene Wednesday to replace a pole that was downed. Besides out buildings, the Curry home had a portion of its top floor looking like the inside of a doll house.

On Bellview Lane, north of Rising Sun, damage was reported from numerous homes and barns including a tree on the home of Kenny and Annie Jo Jackson.

In Hartford, residents dealt with an additional problem of flooding of Laughery Creek.

The major damage inside the city of Rising Sun was the roof off the Shamburger home on Main Street.

Prior to inspecting the damage, Ohio County Highway and Indiana Department of Transportation workers were busy clearing county and state roads.

Many residents are still recovering from heavy wind damage from last October.