Township Trustees, Advisory Boards elected


Each of Switzerland County’s six townships elects a Township Trustee to serve the members of that township; and each trustee has a three-member advisory board that assists the trustee in budgeting and with other planning.

Here’s a look at this year’s Township Trustee races:

– In Cotton Township, Democrat Township Trustee Barbara Bowling won re-election over Republican challenger Matt Levell by a margin of 219 to 163.

Barbara Bowling won Cotton I precinct by a tally of 143-95; and also Cotton II by a vote of 76-68.

There were three people running for the spots on the Cotton Township Advisory Board: Republican Rita Works earned 242 votes; Democrat Sarah McCreary garnered 201 votes; and Democrat Brenda Shaw earned 176 votes.

– In Craig Township, incumbent Democrat Township Trustee Stacey Mathews was unopposed for re-election, and earned 174 votes.

For the Craig Township Advisory Board, there were three candidates: Republican Roberta Von Bargen received 161 votes; Democrat Linda Andrew received 121 votes; and Democrat Lynda Spiller received 110 votes.

– Incumbent Jefferson Township Trustee Democrat Wade Hughes was unopposed for re-election; and he earned 721 votes over the township’s three precincts.

There were four candidates for the three seats on the Jefferson Township Advisory Board.

Republican Deborah Hickman earned 561 votes; Democrat Carol Ann Sublett earned 542 votes; and Democrat Trenton Ricketts was the third member elected, garnering 525 votes. Democrat Don Stout earned 516 votes in an overall close race.

– In the race for Township Trustee in Pleasant Township, Democrat incumbent Jim Wingate defeated challenger Melissa Stow by a tally of 170 to 133.

Jim Wingate won in Pleasant I by a vote of 51-45; and also in Pleasant II by a count of 119-88.

The Pleasant Township Advisory Board also had four candidates, with Republican Donald Morton receiving 234 votes; Republican Bob Richards receiving 192 votes; and Democrat David Christman receiving 169 votes. Democrat Dara Swanson earned 114 votes in the race.

– Posey Township Trustee incumbent Republican Joey Rider was unopposed for re-election. He earned 257 votes in this year’s election.

The Posey Township Advisory Board had three candidates: Republican Jill Hutcherson earned 248 votes; Democrat Lulu Belle Thomas earned 173 votes; and Democrat Mark Jones earned 169 votes.

– The closest Township Trustee race came in York Township, where Republican Kenneth Byars defeated Democrat Andrea Brogan by a count of 138-132. There is only one precinct in York Township.

For the York Township Advisory Board, there were three candidates: Republican Shannon Jackson earned 157 votes; Democrat Michael Beatty earned 133 votes; and Democrat Larry Turner earned 118 votes.