Tourism requests $130,000 from Vevay council


The Vevay Town Council met on Wednesday, May 14th in regular session with all members present. The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.

Among those projects being discussed by the town council at the meeting were:

– David Attaway and Angie Satterfield of Switzerland County Tourism presented the final information to the Vevay Town Council on special projects.

Tourism’s funding request is as follows: 2008: $55,000; and 2009: $75,000. James Hayes let the council know that he is in support of this project. This was tabled until the next meeting.

– After investigating the easement in involving the town’s water tank, the town council has found that it owns the property in front of the tank. Because of this, the town can do the necessary work to help the slide.

Councilman Kirk Works made the motion to hire H C Nutting for $14,900 to do soil samples, and other work. Tye Sullivan seconded this motion. All were in favor.

– Jeni Scudder of the Community Foundation of Switzerland County presented the Town with a plaque of appreciation.

– Lisa Scott, who owns property at 200 Liberty Street, asked the council to look into fixing the iron grate that cars drive over and also the drainage down Liberty Street. She also informed the council that she would be moving her business to this location in the summer of 2009 and will need additional parking.

Would the Council consider making the block on Liberty Street from Main to Market, a one way?

The Council will look into all of these matters.

– Larry Spoores and Anna Spoores attended this meeting to discuss the big drainage ditch. This will have to be surveyed before the council can make any decisions on this. Also Mike Meyer of Strand will be contacted on this matter.

Kirk Works made the motion to hire someone to survey the entire drainage ditch and James Hayes seconded this motion. All were in favor.

– Kathleen Tucker of 108 West Seminary Street has water issues in her back yard and wondered if the town could do anything. Terry Brindley informed the council he did not know what could be done because her property is lower than the street and alley.

When Mike Meyer comes to town they will have him look at this to get his opinion.

– Police Chief Brian Morton presented a sample ordinance on golf carts. David Clark was fined $50 for ordinance violation. Ron Hocker and Brian Morton will talk to the prosecutor if the find is not paid. Brian Morton gave an update on several issues in town.

– Terry Brindley informed Angie Satterfield that there is no main line to install a fire hydrant where the Switzerland County Fairboard wants it at the 4-H Fairgrounds. Angie Satterfield will look into the cost of running a main.

– The council decided not to let Eve Purnell put a banner for her business on Main Street.

– John Kniola reported about items outside of property on the corner of Seminary and Ferry streets.

– Terry Brindley reported that the street signs are in, but they do not match the current signs. The question is do we want to put the signs up anyway.