To the point week of 10-1-09


SOME GENERAL OBSERVATIONS about this and that going on around the community, and the world, for that matter:

– For those of you who want to wander around and continue to complain that there’s never anything to do in this county; then try coming down to Vevay anytime from now until Sunday.

There’s the StoryFest event going on through the day today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday); then there’s the “First Friday” event tomorrow evening.

If you haven’t made a “First Friday”, there’s plenty to see and do, from listening to live music and seeing different demonstrations to grabbing some great local food.

Just up Ferry Street on Friday night, The Chord Coffeehouse is hosting a concert by “Lost in Holland”, the duo of Josh Hisle on guitar and Michael Ronstadt on the cello.

Saturday brings all of us the “Sleepy Hollow” event, which begins in the morning and runs through late afternoon.

Come and pick up some fall foliage for your yard and house; grab a pumpkin to carve; taste some apple pie; make a scarecrow; and generally enjoy the day,

There will be live bands performing during the day; and it promises to be the perfect fall afternoon.

Who knows? You might even catch a glimpse of the “Headless Horseman”.

On Sunday, you can head to Patriot, where “Lost in Holland” will be performing to open the Patriot community’s “Music in the Park” series, which runs every Sunday in October.

Maybe you missed “Lost in Holland” when they performed at The Chord Coffeehouse on Friday night; or perhaps you caught them at The Chord and wanted to hear them again.

Whatever the reason, bring a lawn chair and enjoy the evening.

So do you still think there’s nothing to do around here? If you can’t find it, then maybe you aren’t looking.

– I found an interesting note this week that Wayne County, Indiana, where I grew up, has the highest divorce rate in the entire country, with 18-percent of all marriages there ending in divorce.

That’s pretty amazing on a couple of notions: first, that with all of the drama we hear about from big cities, a small city tucked on the eastern edge of Indiana would lead the entire country. It’s not like it’s a small, rural place, but it’s still an interesting fact.

The other thought I have is that, in a country where we are told that 50-percent of all marriages fail, how is it that Wayne County leads the country at 18-percent? It seems to me that perhaps the institution of marriage isn’t as dead as some want us to believe…

One other note: upon learning of our home county’s distinction, my wife of 26 years said: “I’m glad I don’t live there, anymore.”

Actually, so am I.

– I love the fall, because there are so many little events going on around us. After our Wine Festival, Madison has had it’s Old Court Days; Versailles has had its Pumpkin Show; Canaan has had its Fall Festival; Carrollton just finished the Tobacco Festival; and Rising Sun’s Navy Bean Festival and Aurora’s Farmers Fair are on the horizon.

But I have to tell you that this time of year it’s not all of those that come to mind, but rather one that I miss.

The Bennington Homecoming led by Betty Bovard (Griswold) was an institution when I moved here, and for those of you who remember the homecoming, it was truly a unique and precious part of the fabric of this county.

It was so simple and plain that it was a masterpiece. You got to see both sides of the parade because when it reached the end of town it turned around and came back.

There were baby contests that no one ever lost; a harmonica contest (I miss you, Stanley. Rest in peace); a greased pig contest; and much, much more.

I remember after the 1997 flood my daughters found a little turtle, and they couldn’t wait to take him to the homecoming for the “tarpin” races. Once there, we found out that “Franklin” was a water turtle, and thus wasn’t ineligible to compete in the race.

It may by the only time that there was a disqualification at the Bennington Homecoming.

Betty would grab some passing out of town motorist off of State Road 250 and make them the Grand Marshal of the parade; and there was always plenty of great food and entertainment to take you through the day.

In a time of committees and organizations and coordinated efforts to attract thousands of people, I miss that time when you were a part simply because you showed up.

– We tend to get lost in athletics in our culture today; but don’t overlook Kathe Spoores and Michael Douglas’ accomplishment by being named to the “Great American Marching Band” that will march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade next month (yes, it’s October).

This community needs to rally and help these kids realize their dream of getting to New York City. As easily as we support athletic programs; we need to support the musical ambitions of these two young people.

Make your check payable to Switzerland County High School, and drop it off and give some help.

– Today (Thursday) is my wife, Jacquita’s birthday. You will note that I observed the occasion by not putting her picture in this paper, mainly because I have to live with her.

I know it sounds cliché’, but I’ve got to tell each and everyone of you that November 11th, 1978 was the date of the smartest thing I ever did.

It was on that day that I asked Jacquita Upchurch out on our first date; and nearly 31 years later and after 26 years of marriage, I am still the luckiest person on the plant.

I love her more today that I did yesterday; and I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when I get to se that record again.

I’m just glad she left Wayne County.