To the Point for 4/13/06


THIS IS A GREAT WEEKEND here in Switzerland County. With all sorts of things planned in downtown Vevay and hopefully some beautiful spring weather on the way, it will be a great time to get outside and shake off those winter blues.

This Saturday, the annual Easter “Eggstravaganza” will take place downtown, with a variety of events being headlined by the children’s Easter Egg hunt around the courthouse.

When our oldest daughter was a little girl, I remember how we dressed her up in her Easter dress, got her a little basket, and took her down to the egg hunt. There weren’t any age restrictions back then, and there also weren’t any rules about parents helping their kids; and by the time the onslaught had concluded; we came home with an empty basket and a grass-stained dress.

I remember the chaos that hit once the command was given to “go”. Parents dragging their kids around the lawn, picking up everything in sight and throwing it in junior’s basket. Some took candy and eggs right out of the hands of other children; and I remember going home and thinking that I was never going to attend that event again.

I mean, it’s just some penny candy; and what are eggs? About 50-cents a dozen? You would have thought the county had thrown gold bricks around the lawn.

Thankfully, others in positions of power also saw those early problems, and they have been taken care of. There is a limit of 10 years old on the egg hunt itself, and areas of the courthouse lawn are sectioned off for different age groups.

Also: parents aren’t allowed to enter the ribboned-off area. Put your child down, watch them wander around like they’re in a mine field, and enjoy the day.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as watching the amazed look on the face of a child when they “find” something in the grass. For the toddlers, you almost can’t put a foot down without stepping on some form of candy, so it makes the hunt that much more fun for everyone.

As I stand a take photos each year, I always come across some little fellas who’s found a brightly colored egg and wants to show it off. Yes, some of the eggs are labeled, and the holder gets a special prize; but for the kids, just the thought of finding something — anything — is great thrill for them.

There’s other things as well.

The Hoosier Theater will have its annual performance for the children; the Methodist Church will have its annual breakfast; and the Visitors Center will be helping county children “adopt” a bunny (don’t panic, they’re stuffed) that have been donated by Belterra Casino Resort and Spa.

A little later in the afternoon, the Kiwanis Club will host its kite flying contest; and many folks will wander down to the Paul Ogle Riverfront Park to watch the kites, and they’ll find a park bench and relax in the sun and soak up the day.

There’s a lot to do on Saturday; but as I close I would also like to remind everyone that you need to find the church of your choice on Sunday morning and attend an Easter service. Don’t have a church home? This is a great day to visit one that you’ve had your eye on for awhile.