Times are tough: it’s time to help


Vevay Newspapers has announced a new program designed to help Switzerland County residents connect with others in the county to exchange goods and services.

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors” will appear each week in Vevay Newspapers, and will be an area where people who have goods or services to offer in exchange for things that they need.

“We are all in some very difficult economic times,” Vevay Newspapers editor Patrick Lanman said. “With winter coming, people may be looking to trade things for other things, such as yard work for firewood or something like that. We hope that this new section helps those people find each other.”

The section is being provided by Vevay Newspapers at no charge to residents; so people can barter items as needed.

“We feel that our newspaper has a responsibility to try and help this community, because we are a part of it,” Patrick Lanman said. “We hope that people take advantage of this program to help themselves and their families.”

Items may not be offered for sale for a cash price in the section; and may be used by individuals only.

Those offering items should make sure that it is legal to offer them for trade; for example it is illegal to offer deer or turkey meat in trade. Other items such as firearms are also not acceptable.

Those wanting to place an offer in the newspaper may do so by writing it down and bringing it to the Vevay Newspapers office at 111 West Market Street in Vevay. Listings brought into the office by noon on Tuesday will appear in that week’s newspaper listing.

Listings must be brought into the office in person; and must include the person’s name in the offer.

“Many times people have talents and abilities that other people need,” Patrick Lanman said. “Older residents may need their yards cleaned up or an out building painted. Young families may need child care or wood for heating. We hope that those people can find each other through this effort.”

For more information, contact newspaper office at 427-2311.