Time capsule


Dear Editor:

Here is my check for renewal of the Vevay Reveille-Enterprise. I enjoy the paper each week and read it faithfully. I always appreciate reading about the high school sports activities as well as all of the other features.

I especially enjoy the Patriot column and look forward to any news about my cousin Billy Don Turner and his family. The Allensville column always interests me because I used to live near Fairview and quite often some of my older friends are mentioned.

I attended Vevay High School from 1940 to 1943 and I often think about the time capsule that was put into the wall of the “New Gym” that was built in the early 1940’s. I often wonder whether or not that capsule has been opened and what was found. Are there any records of any newspaper articles about that event?

Wayne Turner

San Diego, California