The year that was: 2006 saw Switzerland County building on its future


What a year it was.

It’s hard to believe that 2006 is over, but as the clock chimed midnight earlier this week, moving us from Sunday into Monday, we all celebrated the beginning of 2007.

But 2007 doesn’t come without some thoughts of the year that we’ve all just completed – in many ways a historic one for this county.

Last year was a year of growth for this county in many ways. Roads were improved. Bridges were replaced. Plans were made for future employment and economic stability. We reelected some local leaders – and replaced others. We remembered our past and the vital role that it has played in developing our future.

We also lost some dear friends during the year, and we also made new ones as people moved into the county and became a part of our community.

Nationally we saw the continuation of the War in Iraq, and although the conflict becomes more and more unpopular in terms of our federal leadership – our commitment to our troops who are serving there has never wavered.

We also found time to read about local individuals, both past and present, who in their desire to make a better life for themselves and their families have also shaped the way we see ourselves and the community in which we live. From Ulysses Schenck to Elwood Mead to Jose Hernandez, our understanding of each other gives us an understanding that we truly are woven together – forming the fabric of our society.

We cheered the successes of our children in the classroom and on the athletic field, and we look forward to seeing them leave school behind and become the next generation of caring and compassionate members of our society.

But now it’s over with.

So here it is, our “Top 10 List” for each month of 2006. Many of the things you may remember; others you may wonder why they weren’t included. It just goes to show how many things go on in a small community such as this one – and we look forward to continuing to bring you, our readers, each and every one of them.