The true spirit of Christmas is found in the hearts of students


If I had 1,000 dollars to spend I would spend it on family for Christmas and get them what they would like or need because they are my family. I would want to make them happy on Christmas. They always buy toys, clothes and anything I would need  or want so I would want to pay my family back by getting them something for a change so they don’t feel left out.

Jace Hambrick

If I had $1,000 dollars to spend this Christmas, I would give it all to my mom. She has done everything for me and I haven’t thanked her enough. She would probably buy a bigger house, more food, and clothes.

My brother and I are really spoiled and I feel that my mom barely gets anything for herself. She barely has any money to buy us Christmas, we probably won’t even have a Christmas this year. Usually on Christmas she gives us a little bit of money to go buy stuff for our family, but all we can afford is the cheap stuff. She is always at work trying to get money. I would do anything to make her happy.

Samirah Ndiaye

If I had a thousand dollars who and what would I spend it on? A year ago I probably would have said myself or my friends. I know that sounds pretty selfish, but that’s what I would have said with no consideration of anyone or anything else.

And I can’t say that even now I wouldn’t love to spend a thousand dollars on myself. But I’ve learned a lot since last year, a lot about myself and others, and how fortunate I am, and I know that I definitely don’t appreciate it enough. There are people out there that are starving, while I have never even had to worry about going hungry. There are people being abused everyday and fear every minute they are awake, while I am over her with not a worry in the world.

And every year there are thousands of kids who wake up on Christmas morning like it’s any other day, and it makes their whole year if they just find one small present under the tree, while most kids complain about not getting the color i iPhone they wanted.

So if you asked me today what I would spent a thousand dollars on this Christmas I would tell you that the one thing I would spend that money on would be the less fortunate people in this world. Just seeing the smile on their face would be enough to make my whole year.

Kali Watson

If I had 1,000 dollars to spend this Christmas, I would probably buy a lot of boy and girl toys, and clothes for kids whose parents can’t buy them.

I would because, they should be able to enjoy being with their family and having fun playing with their family and friends.

Emma Gibson