The true spirit of Christmas is found in the hearts of students


If I had 1,000 dollars I would give it to Saint Jude’s Hospital, because I know that they need it more than me.

We are not rich, but I have everything I need: friends ,family and people that care about me. So I would love to give it all to St Jude’s hospital and get nothing.

Lauren Jackson

If I had 1,000 dollars to spend this Christmas, I would spend it on food for the homeless people. I would donate it to the poor so they could have a great Christmas fest.

It would make me happy and joyful to see the poor get a good meal for Christmas. It would give me lots of Christmas joy and would make me feel good inside.

Levi Goldsberry

I would spend it on my family and others. My favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family at all the different Christmases I go to. I would buy the things that they wanted such as mom some cooking things, dad some hunting stuff, and my new baby nephew some more baby necessities and toys for when he gets a little older.

The leftover I would donate to buying toys for a toy drive for the kids that don’t get to wake up to wrapped presents under a lit tree.   

Gracie N. White

If I had $1000 dollars this Christmas, I’d give it to those who need it most, like people in poverty, the people that are homeless; something to give back to the people in need. I read a paper about this foundation that is for homeless kids so  I’d give it to them.

Kaitlyn Juilfs