The Love of a Dog


To the Editor:

There is this dog, to me she was almost human. She always minded, she speaks, sits and always comes when told to. Her name is “Saydie” – a bird dog. When her master came to live with us, so did “Saydie.” She was on a chain for a while until she came into our home.

“Saydie” became my friend. She loved me as much as I cared for her. We played ball together and she could catch a baseball. I always told her I was going to put her on my son’s baseball team. She became a friend to my two Jack Russells.

But the morning of October 3rd my friend was gone. She had gotten hit on the road and now we grieve for her. Some people might think animals are stupid, but my love of animals is one of the most precious gifts I have. Dogs have hearts and feelings like any humans. So, whoever hit our “Saydie” on Popcorn Ridge on the morning of October 3rd, I hope you think of the things I’m saying.

Sure “Saydie” shouldn’t have been in the road, but this person should have had enough respect or heart to get her out of the road or come and knock on my door to let me know. Thank you Chris McAllister for letting me know after seeing her in the road. That is what a good neighbor is all about. We will miss you “Saydie.”

Jo Webster

Greg Webster (owner)