The Eggleston Club has announced the winners for its annual Short Story and Poetry contest for children in the county.


The Eggleston Club has announced the winners of its annual Short Story and Poetry contest for children in the county.

  This year the club has selected four winners:

  • Kyatalin Baker, an eighth grader at Switzerland County Middle School, won with her poem: “Dancing in the Wind.”

  • Braylee Hankinson a fourth grader at Jefferson-Craig Elementary School, won with her short story: “Christmas.”

  • Emma South a fourth grader at Jefferson-Craig Elementary School, won with her short story “Finding Lilly.”

  • Leighla Day an 11th grader at Switzerland County High School, won with her poem: “Just a girl.”

  The Eggleston Club would like to thank all the students, teachers and parents for their participation, encouragement and support. 

Finding Lilly

By Emma South

  There was a girl named Sarah. She had a kitty named Lilly that strangely ran away one day. So Sarah went lookin for Lilly. Sarah went to the park because she knew it was Lilly’s favorite place to be. On the way to the park she did not find Lilly, but she found a lost dog on the street. The dog looked like it needed help. The dog had a black dot around it’s eye and a pink collar. She said, “Why not have a dog?” So she picked the dog up and kept walking.

  Then she heard a meow behind a tree and looked behind her. She saw Lilly playing with a little girl. She ran to Lilly and hugged her so tight. She looked at the little girl and said, “Thank you for finding my kitty!” The little girl said, “She just ran up to me so I was playing with her until someone said the kitty was theirs.”

  The little girl had a sad look on her face. She was sad to see Lilly go. Sarah felt bad and saw how happy Lilly made the little girl so she said, “You can have Lilly but take good care of her”. The little girl said, “no, that’s ok, I wouldn’t want to take her from you.”

  “It’s ok, I found a lost dog earlier that can make me happy too!” Sarah said. “Thank you so much,” the little girl said. The little girl then ran off with Lilly in her arms with a big giant smile on her face.


By Braylee Hankinson

  Do you ever feel so excited that you can open presents on Christmas morning and you see no presents under the tree and looked for them? Well this happened to me and my brothers Eli and Coby.

  It was a beautiful morning the sun was out and it was snowing outside! When my brothers and I woke up we ran down the hallway well my brothers ran but I didn’t. When we were about to see if we’d have presents but my mom wanted us to eat first so we did. It was are favorite breakfast chocolate chip pancakes! After we ate my brothers ran to the tree and when they looked under the tree they found no presents and then yelled for me. When I got to the living room my brothers were looking everywhere.

  They were looking outside, inside under the couch, and inside of the couch. I do not know why they looked in the couch who knows why. When they were looking I found a note that said “where you lay your head at night is where you are going to find me.”

  I yelled for my brothers and I said “I think the presents are under our beds”. My brothers ran to their rooms and they found their gifts and they didn’t want to open until I got my gift. I looked under my bed and saw three big gifts under my bed and there was another note that said “I hope that was fun If you look in the gifts you will find something for you and your brothers will like.”  And when I read it my brothers found out that Christmas was not about presents it was about family.

  Christmas is a special time of the year. Christmas is about family and friends. I like spending time with my love ones. I like not going to school and play with my toys with my family.

Dancing in the Wind

By Kyatalin Baker

  The tree branches are glistening

  And I can hear music whistling

  I twirl and jump and spin

  Dancing gracefully in the wind

  My body starts to move out of my control

  And immediately I know God has taken my soul

  I move and bend in the breeze

  Knowing God is the only one who can bring me to my knees

  I look around and see all that he has made

  So thankful for what He paid

Just a Girl

By Leighla Day

  I am not a girl who likes to be touched

  The thought of your skin brushing up against mine sends a chill through my core

  But when your hand is slowly finding its way to the small of my back

  And your whiskey soaked fingers are starting to burn my untainted skin

  I will wait until you’ve had enough and my body is no longer a restop for your ill intentions

  Because you are a boy who likes to touch things

  I am not a girl who likes to be called pretty 

  When your backhanded compliment forces a thank-you out of my tired mouth

  And my politeness suddenly becomes an opportunity

  You run your fingers through the hair my mom brushed when I was little

  I want to ask you to stop but my words become glue, they’re sticking to my throat and I’m quiet

  Because you are a boy who thinks I’m pretty

  I am not a girl who likes the dark

  While I’m walking to my car I am suddenly a child

  But what used to be monsters are now men hungry for a good time

  I’m choosing to block you out because anywhere is better than here

  Your hands begin to roam the delicate parts of myself and I’m crying, internally

  Because you are a boy who gets things easier in the dark

  I am a human who wants to be normal

  I don’t need the small talk or your hands on my armour, my skin

  I don’t need your validation, conformation on what I already know to be true

  I don’t need to feed your hunger with something that doesn’t belong to you, that is only mine

  I need to know I am safe

  Because you are boy who has no right to the body that doesn’t want you