Thanks for help


To The Editor:

I am an old, retired senior citizen, World War II veteran, who lives by himself here in wonderful Switzerland County, Indiana.

I am a ‘transplant’ from Hamilton County, Ohio; and I would appreciate it very much if you would publish this letter of gratitude to the very kind citizens of Vevay. I am also a veteran of World War II, and I require a walking cane to get around. There have been many occasions when I go to enter one of the several business stores in Vevay just about the same time another person is about to enter.

The very kind Vevay citizen will step back or hold the door open for me. This has happened a few times at the BP service station and at IGA. I appreciate this kind deed.

To these very kind people, I say: “Thank you and may God bless you.”


Harry Brown,

Bliss Lane, Vevay