Television report directs questions at CPR certifications here


An investigative report broadcast by a Cincinnati television station last Thursday night has sparked a lot of controversy; concern; and plenty of activity on social media.

The report alleged that there are improprieties with regard to CPR training certifications that have been performed through Switzerland County EMS and the Jeff-Craig Fire Department.

The report said that the matter is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.

Vevay Media Group attempted to get a confirmation on an investigation from Homeland Security, first contacting District 9 Director Jason Smith; who referred Vevay Media Group to Department of Homeland Security Public Information Officer Amber Kent.

After several attempts to reach Kent, on Wednesday morning a call was made to the Homeland Security on-duty desk, where a staff member said that he would look into the matter and either call or email this newspaper back with information.

At mid-morning on Wednesday, Vevay Media Group received the following email:

“Mr. Lanman: Thank you for contacting us. Regarding your inquiry, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security recently identified some concerns during an audit of the Switzerland County training institution and ambulance service, and is currently working with the Switzerland County programs to address those issues. At this time, we have no further updates to provide.”

It should be noted that although Switzerland County EMS is contracted by the county to provide emergency services, it is a private company run by a board of directors.

The employees of Switzerland County EMS are not county employees; but the state mandates that every county have a contract in place to provide emergency services for its residents. In this way the two entities co-exist, but are separate from each other.