Tapps Ridge News 9-26-13


Hello, friends.

What a beautiful fall day as I sit here writing the news. You couldn’t have ordered a more perfect day.

Dick Schroeder and Tom Sharp enjoyed the Cincinnati Reds ball game. The night celebrated the great eight.

Ethan is enrolled in basketball camp at the Switzerland County YMCA. It’s great, the SCHS players and coaches are teaching the program.

Carol had to go see her foot doctor in Lawrenceburg. She is doing okay now.

Dorothy Robinson Park had some surgery and had some complications. Dorothy, we hope you get well soon. We enjoy hearing about you, Raymond and Mr. Bentley.

Congratulations to Kurtis and Erin Gregory. They are proud parents of a baby boy, Kameron. He weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and was 21 inches long. Everyone is doing great.

Some of the old Seagram’s employees got together at Whiskey’s in Lawrenceburg. Nancy Kazlowski and Bev and Jerry Heath were some who were in attendance.

Janet Middleton was a recent visitor of Mae Cook. Janet and I worked with her at Randall’s a long time ago. Janet really enjoyed the time spent with Mae.

Dennis Whitham is now at Swiss Villa Living Center. Prayers for Dennis and Alice.

Doris Chase and Gladys Lucas have been visiting Betty Lucas who is doing rehab at Swiss Villa Living Center. Get well soon, Betty.

Mary Jo Meyer went to the Cincinnati Reds ball game with several of her children and other family members. They also enjoyed dinner at the Boathouse. They were celebrating the memory of Jim’s 79th. R.I.P., Jim. We all miss you. Mary Jo’s sister Pat is staying a few days with her.

The fall yard sale was a great success for Fredonia Baptist Church. Jack and Juanita Brown and their daughters Lisa and Lori were in Vevay. Phyllis Kelly and Carolyn Puckettes and Brack Rayles and boys were also in Vevay enjoying the day.

Carol, Ed, Mandy, Ethan, Jack and I went to Madison and toured the ship while it was there. The boys really enjoyed it. Everyone should see it one time.

Carol and I were recent visitors of Doris Chase. Doris, we had a great evening.

Kenny and Betty Pavy and family from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, attended the Lewis family reunion and got to see a lot of family while here.

Dick and Carol Schroeder got to visit with Pat Kelly, Jr., and Maddy at the VDF in Sayler Park.

Ed and I, Ethan and Dre went to the WWE Smack Down in Cincinnati. The boys, Dre and Ethan, really liked the wrestling match. Thanks Froggy for the tickets. A great time was enjoyed by all.

Ed, Ethan, Jack and I took in the car show. Great job, Mike and all involved. It just keeps getting better. We don’t know how you can improve. Great time by everyone who went.

Steve Johns and Cherry Phillips were recent callers of Tommy and Ann May. Steve said they had a good visit and Tom and Ann were as well as could be expected.

Carol and I took in the yard sales in Rising Sun Saturday. We ran into Phyllis Kelly, Carolyn Puckett, Clarabell Rogers and her husband, Joann Schaub and Gary Collins. (We all love yard sales.) We are going to have to find something else to entertain us this winter.

We stopped by Terry and LuAnne Turner’s Friday. Erin was having a yard sale. Erin had her baby there. Carol got to hold him. LuAnne was happy. Terry has transferred closer to home for his job. LuAnne said Randy Turner was having surgery this week. Keep Randy in your prayers.

Tyler Teel treated Richard to a lunch at Hooters for his birthday.

Happy Birthday: Petey Browning, Margaret Weidmann, Judy Lozier, Greg Coy, Jessica Mullins, Ron Bromwell, Mishayla South, Debbie Cox, Rhonda West, Angel Rector, Becca Adams, Jason Hall, Travis Miller, and Jeremy Detraz.

Happy Anniversary: Ed and Mandy McClellan, Terry and Greg Grove, Peggy and Randy Scudder.

Carol and I, Ethan and Jack stopped over at Wayne and Kathy Hunt’s house. We needed some straw. We all got to see their horse Laker. Carol and I used to help take care of him when the McMath’s owned him. He is a beautiful horse. Wayne and Kathy take good care of him. We went in and visited Maralee. She is doing real well. We had a great visit.

Sunday at Fredonia Baptist church we had a different preacher. It was pastor exchange Sunday. Pat Lanman was at our church and Wayne Daugherty was at Olive Brranch. Pat, we enjoyed your sermon very much. Come back again.

Prayer concerns: Al Dushane, Randy Turner, Kay Rook, Alice and Dennis Whitham, Ed McClellan, Karen Lanham, Jean Deaton, Betty Lucas, Gary Wentworth, BJ Miller, Linda Bond, John Fields, John Lock. Also, we want to put Jack McClellan on the prayer list. He is having oral surgery Tuesday. Maybe our whole family should be put on there. We have a long road ahead of us.

Something to think about: If a child can’t learn the way we teach maybe we should teach the way they learn. Facebook.

Just remember, the coffee pot is always on. So until next time, take care.