Tapps Ridge News 9-20-12


Hello, friends.

Carol and I, Joan Schaub and Gary Collins recently went shopping at the new grocery store, very impressive, great job getting the store ready by the owner and employees.

While we were in Vevay we enjoyed dinner at Roxano’s. Joan Schaub went to her class reunion. She enjoyed seeing her classmates and enjoying the evening.

Carol, Ed, Ethan, Jack and I enjoyed going to Louisville to see the Louisville Sluggers baseball game. Ethan, Jack and Carol enjoyed the playground more than the ball game. Louisville is the farm club for the Cincinnati Reds.

Steve and Tammy Johns attended the Stern Wheel Festival in Marietta, Ohio. From looking at the pictures we will have to start calling Steve Captain Steve. Tammy and Steve had a great time.

Daniel and Sara Rodgers were on their way to surprise their daughter Rachel but on their way down to Jacksonville, North Carolina, they were involved in a serious wreck. They were very lucky and neither was hurt. God was looking out for them. Their car was totaled so they had no choice but to call Rachel to come and get them. Daniel and Sara were taking a few days to celebrate their 27th anniversary. They had a great time with Rachel. They miss her terribly.

Casey Banta told us Rosie Satterfield had a stroke and is in serious condition. Say a prayer for Rosie.

The community was very saddened by the tragic death of Bre Hite. Our sincere sympathy goes out to the family. We attended 1st Friday in Vevay September 7th. There were several organizations donating their resources for the family. There were a lot of people in town so I hope they did well.

Sympathy to the family of Verlie Griffin too.

On another sad note Carol’s niece’s brother was the soldier from Northern Kentucky who was recently killed in an accident during a training mission. His name was Ronald Forsythe. Sympathy to their family.

Carol has been helping with the Think Smart, Stay Safe program put on by the Community Mental Health from Lawrenceburg. The program is for 5th graders.

Ed and I attended the Florence Freedom’s ball game. What a great way to spend the evening.

Carol and I, Jo and Charlie Green, Wanda Goodpaster and sister and Brandon Kelly and boys enjoyed a day in Friendship. It was a beautiful day and a nice crowd.

Carol and Ed took the boys to the Fun Fair at the Switzerland County Elementary School near East Enterprise. It was well attended. There was food, prizes and both Ethan and Jack won a prize. Thanks to the staff, PTA and the Griffith’s (music) for all their work. Also, to the MainSource Bank. They also gave away some great prizes.

Happy birthday: Barb Banta, Mike McCarty, Keith Smith, Laurie Lea James, Janet Daugherty, Ann May, Vickie (James) Meyers, Jennifer Bostic, George Adams, Rick Kelly, Vickie Johnson, Petey Browning, Bill Peters, Eric Middendorf, Marcella Cole, Judy Lozier, Ron Bromwell, Audra Ridener, Kathy Nail, Peyton Humphrey.

Happy anniversary: Terry and LuAnne Turner, Mark and Lee Jaye Lohide and Ed and Mandy McClellan.

The Fredonia Baptist Church congregation is very glad to have our Pastor Wayne Daugherty back. He had been having health problems. His son Rick took over for him and we are very thankful. Prayer concerns at Fredonia are for Wanda Johns, Roy and Julie Leap, the family of Verlie Griffin, Paul Chase, the family of Sgt. Ronald Forsythe, Kenny Turner, Carson Griffith.

The Fredonia Baptist Church members and others had a yard sale Friday and Saturday. It was a great success for our church. There were a lot of people who stopped by. The weather turned out great. Thanks again for all who helped and purchased something.

Carol and I, Ed, Ethan and Jack attended the car show in Vevay over the weekend. What a great car show and to the ones who help put it on – great job. Vevay has a lot of great festivals, everyone should try to enjoy one of them.

Betty Drew called and said her brother’s son was a winner in the Swiss Wine Festival race. I know Aunt Betty was proud of him. Aunt Betty sounds awfully old.

Here are a couple of sayings I found on Facebook:

What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.

Here is the other one. Read it and think how true.

Be sure to love your parents

Treat them with loving care.

For you will only know their value

When you see their empty chair.

That is all I have for now, just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on. Take care.