Tapps Ridge News 8-7-14


Hello, friends.

Carol stopped by Tommy and Ann May’s and stayed with Ann while Tommy went to town. Ann is about the same. Please keep them in your prayers.

Carol and I visited the Swiss Villa Living Center. We visited Gee Moreillon, Kenny Bright, Betty Chase, Charlie Peters and Louella McCarty. I had a nice visit with Levada Bladen. I hadn’t been there since my mom, Grandma Wilma, passed away.

Ethan is starting to play soccer for the first time. He really likes it. He had his first game Saturday. It was in Aurora. We enjoyed watching them. Courtney and Michelle really do a good job with them.

Doris Chase and Marilyn Owens were recently visitors of Gladys Lucas.

Jack had his first week of getting them used to kindergarten. Things must have gone very well. He never got kicked out and he is going back next week.

Julie, Roy and Nicole Leap and Riley Phagan enjoyed a nice vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and other places of interest. Nicole said it was a great time.

Sympathy to the Warford and Goodpaster families on the loss of their sister Lisa.

Carol and I, Joann Shaub, Gary Collins, and Mike Wilder celebrated Carol’s sister Jeanne’s birthday at Rising Sun Casino.

Carol had a nice visit with the former Joann Coy Brogan at Roxano’s. She was in the area from Oklahoma visiting her parents and other family and friends.

Carol and I attended a graduation party for Dylan Monahan. There was a lot of family and friends there and a lot of good food. Congratulations, Dylan.

Brenda and Donnie Rayles enjoyed their three grandsons for three days. While the grandsons were there Lisa and Roland Asher came to visit.

Carol and I enjoyed our time with Dick and Carol Schroer. It was birthday time for Dick and Carol. Happy birthday to both of you.

Doris Chase, Steve, Judy, Adeli, Audrey and Leon Kinne and Margie Kinne enjoyed a Cincinnati Reds game last week. It was the first time Doris had seen the new stadium. She had a good time. They were also celebrating Steve’ mom’s 80th birthday. Happy Birthday, Margie.

Carol and I attended the visitation for Lisa (Warford) Ramey. She was the daughter of Paul and Rosemary (Kelly) Warford.

Dale Drew recently had knee surgery. He spent one night in the hospital and was released the next day. Betty, we hope you are taking good care of him. Dale, take care.

Mary Jo Meyer’s son Billy, his wife Mary Ann and kids came to visit her. Mary Ann has been seriously ill and is slowly recovering. God does perform miracles.

Carol and I, Ed, Mandy, Ethan and Jack enjoyed a day at Merango Cave. I’m not much of a cave person but I survived. Ethan and Jack loved it and the formations inside were beautiful.

Carol, Doris Chase, and Norma Chase went to Aurora Friday evening. They went to the VFW bingo. It is a nice bingo hall – nonsmoking.

Ethan and Jack went to Coney Island with the YMCA. They had a lot of fun. The YMCA has taken the summer kids to a field trip every week on Friday. It is a good program and we appreciate the girls and guys and Tonya for taking good care of them.

Happy Birthday Ray Rector, Dick Schroeder, Chasity Scudder, Nathan Black, Mike Jones, Dale Covington, Peyton Richards, Tammy Cole, Austin South, Marci Leap, Kim Turner, Nancy Lock, Ronnie O’Banion, Carol Schroeder, Sarah Thompson, Missy McCreary and Shirley Scott.

Happy Anniversary Micah and Shawnna Ramsey, Jay and Denise Marksberry, Jack and Stacey Mathews, Jill and James Richards, and Grant and Rebecca Pavy.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Church: Wilma Brogan, Larry Boggs, Tony Burgess, Betty Chase, Kenny Bright, Al Dushane, Tom and Ann May, Joyce Theetge, George Ramsey, Clifford Miracle, Louella McCarty, and Terri Thayer, Fred Hyer, Carol Hite, the Jeanette Weber family, Melody Smith, Lori Knaus, and Sharon McMillan.

We want to say hello to our friends in Laporte, Indiana, Dan and Jane Geren. Hope everyone is okay.

We want to say hello to our old neighbors Flossie Lock and Betty and Larry Christman of Columbus, Indiana.

Ed, Mandy and boys went to Holiday World today – their last fun thing to do for the summer. Summer has gone by so fast.

Gary Collins of Lawrenceburg stopped by this evening and brought us some fresh veggies. He said they had a surprise 80th birthday party for his mom Alice Collins. Happy Birthday, Alice.

Carol and I enjoyed our Sunday dinner at Granny’s. We had good food and nice visits with Tonya Moora, K.C. Banta, Z.Y. and Carol Ann Sublett, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie O’Banion and family, a nice way to end a Sunday morning.

If you need a church come to Fredonia. We are the little rock church on Tapps Ridge. Everyone is always welcome. Dave and Debbie Coy took their daughter Kim back to school in Manchester. Kim, we hope you have a great year.

Remember school starts this week. There will be a lot of traffic so drive carefully and watch out for the buses and the ones standing by the side of the roads.

Just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on.

Everyone, have a great week.