Tapps Ridge News 7-9-15


Hello Friends.

Time to catch up. I guess I’ve been a little lazy lately.

Brenda, Donnie and Jena Rayles have hosted a couple of party’s for their families and have invited Ethan and Jack over to play. Thanks for inviting them.

Mary Jo Meyers has been quite busy lately. Her daughter Patty and grandson Ian, came to stay for a few days and then enjoyed a trip to Louisville. They visited Church Hill Downs and got to see the horse that won the Triple Crown.

Mary Jo met her son, Mike, and they went to Nashville, Tennessee for a wedding.

Betty Peters Drew’s daughter, Kathy hosted a open house for her son Alex’ graduation party. A great time by everyone who attended. Sorry we couldn’t be there.

Betty’s daughter Kathy is a new grandma. So, Betty I guess you are a great grandma and a lot older than me.

Carol, Ethan and I enjoyed the 4th of July parade at Patriot. We had a good visit with Bev and Mickey Mathews, and enjoyed sitting in their yard watching the parade and visiting with their friends. Thanks Bev and Mickey.

I had a great visit with Adam Griffith and the group from Froggy Radio at the Markland Dam Park for the fireworks. Carol and I enjoyed the radio station.

It was good to see Carol, Earl and Mike Conner at the fireworks. Earl, you are looking good.

Carol, Ed and the boys enjoyed the ‘First Friday’ in Vevay. They also enjoyed visiting with Nathan and Donna Hughes.

The McClellans entertained Gary Collins, Joan Shaub and some of her grandchildren. We had a cook out and the grandkids went swimming. When they came out of the water they were shivering but it didn’t bother them.

Carol and I have attended two beautiful weddings. The first one was Alyssa and Cory Lay. Congratulations Alyssa and Cory.

The second wedding was Brian and Courtney Monahan. Congratulations to Brian and Courtney.

Roy and Julie Leap hosted a graduation party for their daughter Nicole. Ethan and Carol went to it. Ethan really had a great time. Nicole, you have grown to be a great young lady. We are proud of you.

Judy and Steve Kinne spent the 4th of July evening with Doris Chase. Doris always enjoys their company.

Thanks to Billy Kuhnen and Bobby Darbro for helping someone get their mower out of the ditch. I won’t say who, but he is pretty close to this pen.

This is race weekend at the Kentucky Speedway. Come, enjoy and have a good time and be safe going home. There will be a lot of traffic on the roads.

Bill Peters you better watch that guy from Ohio you go and visit when he comes to Indiana. I know him pretty well.

I enjoyed a visit with David Peelman. David was in Vevay and I enjoyed seeing him.

Ashley and Damien Mains, Cathy Hunt and Marilee McClellan enjoyed a few days in Florida. I know grandma had a good time.

I will end this a little different.

Remember this is your week.

The next day will be your day.

So make it the best time ever.

You will never know when it will end.

Take care, till next time.