Tapps Ridge News 7-3-14


Hello, friends.

Ed and Ethan, Jack, Liz, Ryan, Dre and I attended the WWE Smackdown in Cincinnati. It was a good evening and everyone had a good time.

Carol and Phyllis and I recently took a trip down to Land Between the Lakes to visit her uncle and aunt John and Kathy Kelly. Phyllis stayed a few days and visited with them.

Mandy’s new job has her traveling this week to Columbus, Ohio for training. Ed, Ethan and Jack are running the house while she is away.

The yard sales in Vevay were very good and the Angel Tree yard sale was a great success.

Ethan and Jack McClellan and Graham and Garret Klein attended the Hanover River Camp for Kids. Ethan, Jack and Carol camped out one night that week at Clifty Falls State Park. Carol and Bobbi Jo Klein had a good visit when they were checking the boys inn.

The Chase family reunion was held at Ogle Park in Vevay. Doris said there was a lot of good food and a great afternoon of visiting with each other.

Doris and Norma Chase enjoyed playing bingo one evening. Doris said it was nice to get out.

Ethan was one of the many actors who enjoyed the week at the theater in Vevay. The play was great, thanks to everyone. It was a job well done.

Ed, Jack, Ethan, Carol and I enjoyed the race fest in Carrollton. It was a good event to start the race weekend. Ed and I also attended the truck race on Thursday evening. We enjoyed the race and just getting out.

Mandy, Ethan and Jack atttended Cash’s birthday party. They had a good time. Cash was five years old. They sure grow up fast. Happy birthday, Cash.

Dale and Betty Drew went to Renfro Valley, Kentucky, for their anniversary. Betty and Dale, Happy Anniversary and we hope you had a great time. Also, happy anniversary to Betty’s brother Terry and Pam Peters. We hope you had a great day.

Pete and Angie Browning, Ed, Mandy and Jack also attended the plays at the theater. We had a good visit before the play started. I know there were a lot of proud parents and grandparents there.

Roy and Nicole Leap enjoyed their week in Florida attending Big Stuf. Roy said everyone had a great time. Julie, when do you get to go on vacation?

Riley King is a busy young lady this summer visiting family in Arizona and going with them to Hawaii. Riley, we know you had a good time. Travel when you’re young and see everything you can and enjoy, even though Mom missed you whle you were gone.

Thanks Roy and Cory for spraying and weeding the church fence and parking area. You both did a great job.

Happy Anniversary to Greg and Barb Anderson, Debbie and Larry Darbro, Greg and Barb Coy, Pam and Terry Peters, and Betty and Dale Drew.

Happy birthday: Kenny Haubner, Troy Smith, Juliana Pavy, Nancy Kozowski and Cash Bovard.

Carol and I had a good brunch and visit with Carol and Dick Schroeder. They are both doing okay. Carol and Dick, it was a great Sunday. We miss you both.

The niece Brook Scherinbeck has been traveling Europe with her class. They had a great time. Noah, Angie and Don Scherinbeck went on vacation to Punta Cana while Brook was in Europe. A great time was had by all.

My other half, Carol, is not feeling well at this writing so please keep her in your prayers.

Congratulations Ginny on 50 years at the newspaper office

You may not be able to control

who comes into your life.

But you can control

which window you throw them out of. – Facebook.

That’s all I have for now. Just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on. Have a great week.