Tapps Ridge News 7-25-13


Hello, friends.

You know it won’t be long. The summer is almost over and the kids will be back in school. You know when we went to school we never started before Labor Day and we were out by the middle of May. I don’t guess we needed 180 days back then. We were either so dumb or we were so smart they couldn’t teach us anything. As I remember our baby boomers still produced doctors, lawyers, teachers and public servants, the most of us were productive in life. Just something to think about.

Gayle Beach, Chevy Beach and family and Billy Beach spent a few days visiting Mammoth Cave and the Bowling Green area.

Carol and I went to visitation of Mary Lou Chase. She will be greatly missed by her family.

Brandon Kelly and Colton Adams came to visit. Brandon hooked our TV to an antenna. Now I’m ready to ditch Direct TV.

Ethan went with the YMCA to see the Florence Freedom and enjoyed the splash party.

Ethan went to Vacation Bible School at Switzerland Baptist Church and had a great week.

Joan Schaub and Gary Collins were our visitors last week. We enjoyed their visit.

Ed, Mandy, Ethan and Jack came to visit Sunday and enjoyed the pool. Sami and Lily Browning came later and enjoyed the pool too.

Terry and LuAnn Turner, Kurtis and Erin Gregory and family enjoyed a vacation in Pigeon Forge.

Jeff and Sally Weales are vacationing in Savannah, Georgia. They are staying at Tybee Beach. Carol and I lived there for a year. That was the first beach we took Tina to when she was a baby.

Petey and Angie Browning hosted a birthday party at their home for Dre, their oldest grandson. Petey rented a slide/pool blow up. It was a hot day and the kids had a great time (some of the adults too). Dre enjoyed cake and ice cream and a cookout.

Carol picked up Ethan and Jack from the party and took them to the Library. There was a couple with live bats there. There was a slide show and the kids got to touch the bats.

The Switzerland County Fair had the Silly Safari at the Community Building. Ehtan and Evan loved it. It is a great show. That was one busy day – the kids were worn out and parents too.

Carol and I attended the visitation of Denny Brown. We got to see Ed and Lisa James and had a good visit with them. Denny will be sadly missed by family and friends. Carol attended the visitation of Millie Coy, another great lady who will be sadly missed.

Carol and I walked through the fair which didn’t take long. We enjoyed talking to Leona Adams and Ruth Lohide. We went through the exhibits, the best part of the fair, so many talented kids and adults.

Ed, Mandy, Ethan and Jack went to the show and saw Turbo. Jack liked it and Ethan and Evan too. Mandy said they sat through all of it.

I called Joan Carrigan over the weekend. It was her birthday and Pam’s too. They are doing well. She said all the family went to Arkansas a couple of weeks ago to attend the 60th birthday of Scotty Watkins who is Jo’s son-in-law. Happy Birthday, Scotty. There were several who came to her home to celebrate her birthday too.

Saturday the Switzerland County Library held an end of the summer reading program. They had door prizes and a pizza party. Carol and I took Jack and Ethan. Thanks to the staff for a great party and day.

Happy Birthday: Steve Kelly, Jeanne Rector, Kay Johnson, Debbie Ahaus Johnson, April Farmer, Frances Martin, Chris King, Paula Jo Shelley, Kay Smith, April Springer, Joan Carrigan, Carol Schroeder, Colton (Carpenter) Adams, Scott Kelly, Pam Lolley, Nathan Black, Brack Rayles, Lori Sainz, Joann Kelly, Don Stout, Pat McAllister, Joann Kelly.

Happy Anniversary Ed and Lisa James.

Kelly Kelly hosted a birthday cookout for Carol’s brother Steve at their home on Salem Ridge. Carol stopped by to say happy birthday and brought home some good food to eat.

Barb Banta is in the hospital and has been very ill. She needs our prayers.

Nothing is nicer than having someone

Who appreciates you in the smallest things

Accepts you in times of hardships

Comfort you when your’re troubled.

Loves you no matter what

And is simply happy for having

You in your life. “Facebook”

This is all I have for now. Take care and have a great week and remember, the coffee pot is always on.