Tapps Ridge News 7-24-14


Hello, friends.

Carol, Ed, Ethan and I went to the Rising Sun Car Show. There were 479 cars. I had a nice visit with Gerald Bear. Gerald had his car at the show. We also had a good visit with Bev and Mickey Mathews.

Carol enjoyed the fireworks at the park with Pete and Angie Browning, Liz, Dre, Ryan, Cash, Sami, Lilly, Ed, Mandy and the boys.

Mary Jo Meyer had some water damage with the big rain we had. Thanks to Sherman Leap and Annie for bringing the shop vac out and helping clean it up. Carol and Ethan also helped.

Mary Jo went to a graduation party for her five grandchildren. A good time was had by everyone.

Carol and I spent a few days in Pigeon Forge visiting with our friends from North Carolina, Betty and Thurmond Hester. We enjoyed shopping and just visiting.

Steve and Kelly Kelly and Colton stayed one night with us. Steve and Kelly were taking Colton to meet his mom Ashlie and go back home to Florida.

Dick and Carol Schroeder enjoyed lunch with Brooke and Angie. Brooke showed them her pictures of her recent trip to Italy.

Congratulations to Randy See, EMS of the year; James Richards, Law Enforcement of the Year; and Troy Stafford, firefighter of the year. These were awarded by the 9th District American Legion.

Betty Peters Drew’s grandson Alex is not feeling well at this writing. Alex is Kathy’s son. Since this writing Alex’s test has come back okay. That is always good news.

Jeana Rayles went to Florida with her best friend Brianna and family. Jeana had a good time but I think she was glad to get back home.

The 4-H Fair was held last week. What great weather! I had a nice visit with Kathy and Wayne Hunt. The exhibits and the animals were great. A lot of hard work was put in by everyone.

Carol and Earl Conner were visitors of the McClellans. It was good to see Earl able to get out and visit.

Carol’s sister Kay had a birthday party at Rockie’s in Rising Sun Saturday. Those who attended were Kay and friend Jerry, Carol and I, Joann Schaub, Gary Collins, Pat Kelly, Jeanne Rector and Bruce Mondary came in and wished Happy Birthday. Also, Kelli Dickerson and Eddie Sherman were with friends celebrating their birthday too.

Ryan Kelly and Megan Keene are the proud parents of a son Aiden. He was born July 19th. Ryan is Carol’s nephew. Debbie and Dave Cox and family enjoyed a day at King’s Island. It was Dave’s company picnic. A good day was enjoyed by all.

Joan Carrigan and Pam Lolly celebrated their birthday the 20th. All of the girls were there to help Jo celebrate. Pam, Susan, Wendi and Penny and some of the grandkids and great-grandkids. A great day with family.

During the 4-H Fair the Soil and Water Conservation District sponsored the Silly Safari. The kids love this. He does a great job entertaining them. Ethan showed his first projects for 4-H this year.

Daniel and Sara Rodgers are back home now from a great vacation visiting Rachel and Chris and new baby girl Ellsie Jane. I am sure it was hardto leave that baby.

Happy Birthday: Paula Cloat, Saundra Adams, Betty Pavy, Gary Wentworth, Kay Smith, Gladys Lucas, Deanna Flynn, Lori Sainz, Kay Johnson, Debbie Ahaus, Jeanne Rector, Karen Peelman, Terry Peelman, Chris King, Kim Cox, Hunter West, Myah Middendorf, Steve Kelly, Paula Jo Shelley, Carol Schroeder, Scott, Kelly, Dre Williams, Colton Carpenter Adams, Maddie, Kelly, Joan Carrigan, and Pam (Carrigan) Lolley.

Happy Anniversary: Richard and Katrina Lock, Kenny and Regina Turner, Megan and Shane Griffin, Rodney and Mandy Hite, Lisa and Eddie James.

Ryan and Liz Bovard entertained several for Dre’s birthday at their home.

A special Happy 80th to Leah Jones and Happy 90th to Frances Martin, two wonderful ladies.

As you waste your breath complaining about life,

Someone out there is breathing their last.

Appreciate what you have,

Be thankful and stop complaining.

Live more, complain less,

Have more smiles, less stress.

– Facebook

That is all I have for now. Just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on. So until next time. Take care.