Tapps Ridge News 6-5-14


Hello, friends.

Dale and Betty Drew were visitors at Fredonia Church. Of course Dale and Betty aren’t visitors, but great friends. We hope they feel at home when they come up this way. They were up to Vevay to decorate the family graves.

Congratulations to Angie Todd and David Todd who are the 9th District American Legion elementary and secondary educators of the year. Congratulations, David and Angie.

Carol and I visited Earl and Carol Conner. Earl is still in the V.A. Hospital at this writing. On our way home we stopped and visited Phyllis Kelly.

Ed and Mandy, Ethan and Jack brought supper out and then we had a campfire. The boys and Carol had a campout. The next day Carol, Ed, Ethan and Jack went to Crystal Beach and enjoyed the afternoon.

We had a great memorial service in Vevay. The reading of the names and releasing of the balloons were something special. I had a nice visit with Charlie Booker and his wife while at the service.

Carol and I celebrated our 45th anniversary at Jewell’s Restaurant in Warsaw. We had a real nice visit with Ashley (Jones) Mains. We were asking how everyone was.

Dick an Carol Schroeder were down for a visit. Dick and I walked the farm for a while. It is always nice to visit with Dick and Carol.

Carol and I stopped in to see Bob and Freda Curlin today. Bob had some news. Bob and Freda entertained family at their home over the Memorial Day weekend. They enjoyed a cookout and had a good time. Those who came were Alvin and Connie Curlin, Alice and Don Welti, Lydia and Scott Burger, Shirley and Bill Davis and kids, Josh Burger and wife, Becky, Ethan and Levi Curlin, Sue Curlin, Don and Linda Rolands.

Carol talked to Becky Emery. She said her dad Buddy Emery has been pretty sick but is home now. Get well, Buddy.

Happy Birthday: Chrissy (Johnson) Koepf, Jerry Smith, Rachel (Rodgers) Miller, Sara Rodgers, Terri Thayer, Kenny Turner, Cassie Courtney, Chris Hankins.

Carol and I, Mandy and boys held a surprise 40th birthday party for Ed last night. The weather was great and the food too. The kids had a ball in the pool. Those who attended were Pete and Angie Browning, Liz Bovard and boys, Dre and Cash, Phyllis Kelly, Carolyn Puckett, Chris Kelly, Gina and Holly Kelly, Jason Kelly, Sami and Lily Browning, Henry Fuller, Morgan, Justin and son, Steve and Kelly Kelly, Brandon Kelly, Nathan and Donna Hughes, Pam and Scott Kelly, Joann Schaub, and Gary Collins, Jeanne Rector.

Mandy and the boys bought Ed a tent and other supplies for his birthday. They set it all up and had a campfire and camped out after the party. I bet there were some tired kids. I know Bella the Bulldog was tired. She slept all day today, Carol too. Thaks everyone for a great evening.

Erin and Kurtis Gregory and family enjoyed camping out on Memorial weekend at Charlestown State Park. She said it was a nice park.

Roy and Julie Leap and girls camped out at Perfect in Markland. Nicole said they had a great weekend.

Healing doesn’t mean the damage

Never existed.

It means the damage no long

Controls our lives.


That is all I have. Just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on.

So until next time, take care.