Tapps Ridge News 5-22-14


Hello, friends.

First, I want to wish all of you mothers a belated happy Mother’s Day. I hope everyone had a great day.

Steve and Tammy Johns returned recently from a trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia, and Florida. They left a day before the big rain storm.

Don and Donna Miller returned recently from a trip to Pennsylvania. Don said they had a good time.

Carol and I visited Earl Conner who is still at the V.A. Hospital in Cincinnati. Earl is doing a little better and maybe will be released to rehab this week.

Congratulations to Rodney Hite. Rodney was named principal of the year for his district. Rodney was a SCHS graduate. Congratulations, Rodney.

Carol and I took Ed to Indianapolis to the doctor. He released him so we will not have to go back unless something else happens.

Ed, Ethan, Jack and I went to the wrestling match at Hanover College. The matches were held outside and it rained but the matches went on after a weather delay. Ethan picked up a chair and wanted one of the wrestlers to hit the other one with it.

We want to congratulate Burnie and Gladys Hunt on their 65th wedding anniversary and Burnie’s 90th birthday. Their family had a surprise birthday and anniversary party for them in Rising Sun. Doris Chase and Debbie and Bud Vann attended the celebration.

Carol and I visited with Doris Chase one evening. We brought Bella, our puppy. She wanted the cat so we had to shorten our visit.

Doris helped with the voting this year. It gave her somethig to do. I know she gets lonely.

Doris’ great-granddaughter Laura abroke a bone in her leg a couple of weeks ago.

There is a church in Corydon, Indiana, called First Capitol Christian Church. This church held a senior prom for anyone that never got to go to their prom. Rick Daugherty’s daughter Laci was invited. She attended with many others of all ages. Debbie, her mom, had her all dressed up for the prom. I bet she was beautiful. Rick and Janie Daugherty and her mom Debbie and husband attended.

Carol and I went to see Phyllis Kelly for Mother’s Day. We took her to breakfast. Then we all went to see the new Belterra Park. It is a beautiful casino. Later we stopped at the cemetery to visit Carol’s dad’s grave. It was his birthday.

Ed, Mandy, Ethan and Jack brought Carol flowers and we all enjoyed eating at Granny;s.

Carol and Jack went to his preschool at Aberdeen Wednesday. The school had all the kids there for a pizza party and there was a magician named Dan who entertained them. He was really good. The kids loved him. Carol invited Brandon and his boys Bobby and Caleb. They really had fun. Thanks Ms. Mary, Ms. Kay, Ms. Laura, and Ms. Heather for a job well done.

Doris Chase visied Gladys Lucas and had dinner with her. Janice Ramsey and Betty Lucas also visited Gladys. Doris said they had a good time and tried to solve the problems of the world. They need those ladies in the White House.

Ed and I attendedthe Cicinnati Reds ball game. The Reds lost but we had a good evening. Cincinnati really has a parking problem for the baseball games.

Betty Peters Drew called. Her daughter Kathy and family and Kenny and his wife helped Betty celebrate Mother’s Day. Dale bought Betty flowers. Betty said they had a good day. Dale, tell Betty she will have to buy you something real nice for Father’s Day.

Friday Aberdeen Preschool held its annual graduation. The program was excellent and so well attended.- “standing room only.” Jack was so cute, he was ready to get out of that outfit though. It was bittersweet for Mandy – Jack’s the baby, but he is ready for kindergarten. Carol and I, Mandy, Ed and Ethan, Angie and Petey Browning and Dre attended. Also, others, I can’t remember them all. Renzie and Thelma Powell, Casey and Alyssa Keith, Doug Keith, Nancy Springer, Stephanie Gayle, Barbara Drake, Brian Craig and family, Tina and Suane Scudder, Mike and Bear, Jack and Jill Chase, Randy Craig and wife. Those are some who I remembered. Thanks again to Aberdeen Preschool – a great place for your kids to learn.

Ethan’s first, second and third grade had a spring choral at school. It was short and sweet. Carol and I, Angie and Pete, Ed and Mandy and Jack and Sami Browning attended.

Mary Jo Meyer went to Cincinnati for Mother’s Day. There were 35 of them for dinner at the Brierhaus. Several didn’t get to be there. It is hard to get together when you have such a large family. She said she has five graduating this year.

We want to congratulate Mark and Lee Jaye (Bushman) Lohide on becoming grandparents for the first time. Their daughter Megan and husband have a new red headed daughter named Harper. Congrats to all. Let the fun begin!

Happy birhday Pat Kelly, Jr., Jennifer Lynman, Daniel Rodgers, Becky Purnell, Darrell Compton, Lane Penick, Burnie Hunt, Heather Kinney, Heather (Parnell) Hayes, Nyla Johnson, Matt Kuhnen, Tom Crabtree, Lisa James, David Gridley, Mona Crabtree, Riley King, Pat West, Lisa Asher, Clarence Jackson, Connie Jo Thies.

We want to wish a happy 40th birthday for our son Eddie. How time flies.

Happy 70th Anniversary to George and Polly Baker.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Baptist Church: Wilma Brogan, Tony Burgess, Andy Brown, Betty Chase, Bill Chipman, Earl Connor, Al Dushane, Tommy and Ann May, Mary Ann Meyer, Melody Smith, Nancy Turner, Steve Bladen, Bud Baxter family, Cathy Spoores, Barb Covington, Laci and Rick Daugherty.

“A lie doesn’t

become truth,

wrong doesn’t

Become right and

evil doesn’t become

good, just because it’s

accepted by a majority.” Facebook

Remember the true meaning of memorial weekend is honoring those who paid the ultimate price, those who are deceased and those who are serving.

Remember to visit the cemeteries of the loved ones who have passed on. Remember the good times while you’re visiting these sites.

I want to wish a Happy 45th Anniversary to my wife, Carol, and to Pete and Brenda McCreary. I hope we both have many more happy years. A special Happy Anniversary to Dick and Carol Schroeder.

I just want you to know the coffee pot is still on.

Have a safe weekend.