Tapps Ridge News


Hello, friends.

What a beautiful week. The temperature was great, if it would only stay that way for the Swiss Wine Festival it would be nice.

Phyllis Kelly and Carolyn Puckett visited one evening. Phyllis and Carolyn were yard saleing in the area. It’s always great to visit with family and friends.

Dan and Jane Geren of LaPorte were in Vevay for a few days. Jane enjoyed the Swiss presentation on why they left Switzerland. It is always great to visit with Dan and Jane.

Carol and I took Ed to the doctor in Indianapolis. It was a successful trip, now we just have to wait and see what they want to do next.

Bobby and Freda Curlin have a great garden and they are sharing their vegetables with us. What great friends to have on Tapps Ridge.

Carol, Ed, Jack, Ethan and I enjoyed the Boone County Fair in Burlington, Kentucky. They have a good fair. I especially enjoyed their livestock auction while Carol, Ethan and Jack enjoyed the rides.

Carol took Ed, Jack and Ethan to Crystal Beach to swim the next day. The boys love the water.

Carol and I enjoyed our visit with Dick and Carol Schroeder. It was birthday time for Dick and Carol. Dick had to come to Tapps Ridge to get his farm fix, aferwards we enjoyed dinner with Dick and Carol at Belterra. What a great day.

Ashley and Damin Mains, Kathy Hunt, and Maralee McClellan enjoyed a few days vacation in Panama Beach, Florida. From looking at the pictures they really had a great time.

The Darbro reunion was held at the Community Building. You know when they all get together “it was a great time.”

Betty Drews was in Indianapolis for a few days helping her daughter Kathy. Dale, I’m sure you enjoyed the free time with no “honey do” list to do while she was gone.

The kids at Fredonia will have a new Sunday School teacher as Rhonda will be gone for a little while. Everyone knows the kids will miss her. Today at church was Rhonda’s day. She got up front and told the congregation a little story on all the kids that she has had in her class. With Ethan she said she learned more about dinosaurs than she needed to know. And Jack taught her all his karate moves. This was a bittersweet day for her, but she will be back. It was a great fellowship day.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Church: Hilda Meriweather, Steve Southerland, Lori and Dennis Knaus family, Charlie Jordan, Keith Smith and fiance´e Rebecca, Tommy and Ann May, Barb Brown, the family of Carrie Scudder, Debbie Cox family, Nicole Leap, Evon Gray.

Vickie (James) Meyer of Texas came home to attend the reunion and 60th anniversary celebration of Leona’s sister Becky and husband Ross. The reunion and anniversary celebration was held at Leona’s brother Dave Stutzman’s home in Brookville, Indiana. She said there was close to 100 in attendance.

Vickie came over to our house and spent the afternoon with us. Come back soon, we enjoyed your visit.

Leona and Vickie spent one day touring Madison. Vickie found something rally interesting at one of the antique shops. It was a board game, very similar to Monopoly, only it was about Vevay and Switzerland County. It was probably made back in the 70s. Does anyone know of this game or have one?

Leona and Richard Adams drove her sister and husband home to Florida and will fly back later.

Bobby and Freda Curlin had company Saturday. His son Alvin, his wife Connie and their son came to visit.

Doris Chase and Carol went to Aurora VFW Friday night. They enjoyed bingo, didn’t do any good but had a good time. It is a nice bingo, no smoking.

Karoline and Jamie Green are the proud parents of a tiny little girl. She was born one day last week. Congratulations.

Ed, Mandy, Ethan and Jack, Ryan, Liz, Dre and Cash enjoyed a day at Holiday World. Ed said it was packed but the weather was perfect.

Ethan, Jack and Ed attended a birthday party for Ethan’s classmate Trevor. The party was at the park.

Brack Rayles and sons were in Vevay Sunday. It was birthday time for Ethan Rayles.

Happy Birthday: Emily Miller, Ethan Rayles, Kim Stout, Marci Leap, Tennille (Turner) Rains, Sharri Earls, Tim Steelman, Danni Pennington, Steven Johnson, Kori Johnson, Tony Spoores, Barb Coy, Steve Johns, Casey Banta, Randy See, Ann Beckett.

Mary Jo Meyer had a couple of her sons down to visit, Richie and Bill and his family. The boys came down and did some work for her.

I attended the football game at SCHS. It was a great evening for a football game. SCHS Junior High played Trimble Couty. There was a standing room only crowd. In the near future there will be a lot of excitement on Friday evenings. Great job SCHS Junior High.

Well that is all I have. Just remember, the coffee pot is always on. So until next time, take care.