Tapps Ridge News 4-26-12


Hello, friends.

Well it’s baseball time again. It is Ed’s and my favorite time of the year.

Ed and I went to the Reds game and had a great time. Thanks Roy, we appreciate you thinking of us.

Joann Schaub, Gary Collins, Carol and I had dinner at the Eagles in Aurora. They make a great fish dinner. Also, Carol’s aunt Charlotte Woodruff and Jeanne Rector enjoyed dinner with them.

Carol, Ethan and I visited Paul and Doris Chase recently. Paul is not well. Keep him in your prayers.

It was birthday time for Gary Collins. Gary, Joann, Carol and I met at Longhorn Steak House and celebrated. While we were up there we stopped in Sam’s and ran into Woodie and Ginny Reeves. It has been a good while since we have seen them. They are doing well. Ginny said she is writing a book about ferry boats. That should keep her occupied since she has retired. It was good to see them.

Happy Birthday: Brian Monahan, Sally Weales, Denise Crawford, Anita Schaub, Suzanne Rayles, Michelle (Leap) Carfield, Cameron Pavy, Jordan Hinman, Heather (Schmitt) Slack, Gary Colllins, Betty Bovard, Michelle Self, Carol McClellan, Mary Jane Demaree, Suzanne Schaub, Michael Rector.

Happy Anniversry: Pat and Rhonda West.

Sympathy to the families of Dale Johnson, Melissa Stone and Helen Curlin.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Baptist Church: The family of Dale Johnson and Helen Curlin, Steve Allen, Aaron Middendorf, Sherry Johnson, Kathy McMath, the Stephenson family of Florence, Kentucky, Paul Chase, Julie Leap, Bonnie Lock, Mike McClure, Lowell Reynolds, Howard Wade, and Marsha Roeschlein.

There will be a Bible School meeting at Center Square Baptist Church Friday, April 26th, at 6 p.m. and a Hymn Sing will be held April 29th at Mt. Sterling Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m.

Carol and I, Joann Schaub, and Gary Collins went to Memphis, Tennessee over the weekend. We toured Elvis Presley’s “Gracelnd.” It was a great tour. We also spent an evening touring downtown Nashville, Tennessee. We walked and took a carriage ride. It was a beautiful evening.

On our way home we stopped and ate at a Cracker Barrel around Elizabethtown, Kentucky. While there Carol ran into Mary Lou Furnish. Tracy and John South were with her. They were visiting Mary Lou’s son and family. They were there to celebrate Mary Lou’s great-granddaughter’s first birthday.

Jeri and Jack McMath are home from spending some time in Florida. We are so glad they are home. The kids really missed Jeri at church. We all did. Welcome home.

LuAnne (Bushman) Turner’s famiy celebrated her dad Henry Bushman’s 84th birthday Sunday, April 22nd. Happy Birthday, Henry.

Here are a couple of sayings from Facebook:

7 colors make a rainbow.

7 chords make music.

7 days make a week.

7 continents make a world and

7 beautiful letters make us


Did you know coffee is not just a beverage,

It’s a cup of liquid sanity.

We know you know the coffeepot is still on.

Everyone have a great week.