Tapps Ridge News 4-11-13


Hello, friends.

It was a sad Sunday for Carol and the rest of the family as they received word that Aunt Rose had passed away. Carol and her sisters visited her Saturday evening. Aunt Rose always had a smile on her face no mater how she felt. She will be missed by her family and friends.

Phyllis Kelly, Gina and Holly Kelly and Tammy Robinson also spent the day there with Aunt Rose.

At the recent wedding of Jill Darbro’s daughter, Danielle, Norma Darbro suffered a serious fall and had to be airlifted to Louisville, Kentucky. She spent a couple of days in the hospital but has since been released. Get well, Norma.

Another Easter has come and gone, and now it seems spring has sprung with the flowers blooming, trees are budding and the grass growing.

What a great Easter weekend. Ethan and Jack enjoyed the Easter egg hunt at the park and the puppet show, and an Easter egg hunt and dinner Saturday at the home of Papa Pete and Angie and Nana Lilly.

Sunday service at Fredonia was well attended with a wonderful breakfast before the service.

Sunday Ed, Mandy, Ethan and Jack had Sunday dinner at our house. Ethan and Jack also had another Easter egg hunt.

Sunday evening Carol and I visited Doris Chase. Doris had dinner with Amanda. Great day and weekend well spent.

Wayne and Kathy Hunt hosted a birthday diner for their granddaughter Lori Anderson. She is an official teenager, #13. Happy Birthday, Lexi.

Wayne and Kathy Hunt also hosted Easter Sunday dinner for their family. She said all of the family attended and Maralee is doing well.

Happy Birthday Carly West, Lori Knaus, Caleb Kelly, Will Schaub, Mary Schaub, Louie Peelman, Suzanne Schaub, Gary Collins, Donnie Leap, Gayle Boldery, Volina South, Jacob Williams, Chevy Beach, Jeanne Konkle, Wilma Dickerson, Mike James, Grace Browning, Terry Peters, Vickie Peters, Buster chase, Heather (Schmitt) Slack, Michael Rector, Cameron Pavy.

Happy Anniversary Connie and Mike McCarty and Pat and Rhonda West.

Sunday church service at Fredonia Baptist was led by Rick Daugherty. Pastor Wayne was in Washingon, D.C., with the 8th grade class. Thanks, Rick, it was a great service. Brenda Rayles played guitar for us. Great job.

Prayer concerns at church: Tricia Lyon’s family, the family of Rosemay (Kelly) Warford, Alyssa Leap, Brenda Briggs, John Lock, Denny Brown, Barb and Harry Brown, Tommy and Ann May, Leon Berner, Dutchie Scholl, and Steve Lyons.

First Friday in Vevay was nice. The weather was great. Carol and the boys, Ethan and Jack, rode Sprockett. They love to ride that horse and buggy. Also, Sherry Ogden and her grandsons rode too. We walked up through town and ran into Terry turner. Terry and LuAnn were eating the fish dinner at the American Legion. He said it was really good and there was a packed house there. I took in the art exhibit of Bud and Pam Acton. They are very good at photography and art.

Carol got Ed out Saturday and took Ethan and Jack to the Technology Building in Vevay. The Cincinnati Zoo had a bug fair. One thing they had in there were hissing cockroaches. Carol said they were so big that if they were in our house she would move out. It was good for Ed to get out. He can’t go far but he got to see some people he worked with and enjoyed seeing them.

There are several exchange students from Thailand in our county at this time. They will be here for three weeks. Roy and Julie Leap and Greg and Becky Curlin are among those who are hosting a student. The student that is staying with the Leaps name is Beauty. She got to attend the prom that was held Saturday night and the after prom. I wonder what she thought about that.

It is yard sale time. Carol and I took in the yard sales at Hidden Valley and it was a mad house. Joann Schaub was also with us. Those girls love yard sales.

Hi, Jane and Dan Geren, sorry we missed your call. Hope you are both well and had a great Easter.

Jeana Rayles was among the students that will be moving up to the seventh grade. She has to learn how to exchange classes. But, she is more worried about getting into her new locker. They are combination locks. Good luck, Jeana.

Carol is among three others, Cynthia Griffith, Denise Maxwell and Suzanna Ulrick teaching “Think Smart, Stay Safe” to the fifth grade class at Jeff-Craig. They have three more sessions with them. Cynthia is the group leader.

Here is something to think about.

Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger. – Author Unknown.

Betty Peters Drew: Sorry we missed your call. Hope you and Dale had a good week.

Carol and I got to visit with Jack and Juanita Brown. It was so good to visit with them. Juanita, you’re like Joan, you never change.

That is all I have, hope you all had a great week, and remember the coffee pot is always on. Take care.