Tapps Ridge News 3-31-16


Hello Friends!

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter. What a beautiful Sunday morning, the weather was great.

Carol went to the home of Gladys Lucas, she had a birthday lunch for Marilyn Owens, Doris Chase, Cheryle Edwards, Gladys’ and Carol, they all had a good time. Marilyn, hope you had a great day.

Carol and I attended a surprise 75th birthday party for Betty Peters Drew at Harry Stone Grill in Madison. We sat next to Estie Vernon and his friend Mary. Estie is the twin brother of Elloise Thornton. It was nice of you and your friend, Estie.

Dale we want to thank you for inviting us. Dale, you and Betty are very special to us. Betty you can tell your are loved, there was a roomful of family and friends. We hope you had a great birthday and many more.

Carol and Doris Chase went to the Masonic Fish Fry. They had a good time and the food was great.

On Saturday, Carol and Doris went to the REMC Meeting in Osgood. Switzerland County was well represented, there was a big crowd as usual. To name a few from the county: Daisy Swanson, Glo Asbury, Nora, James, Rita and Andrea Brogan and friend.

Ed and I, Ethan and Jack attended the Indiana Pacers basketball game. A large crowd and the boys and I had a good time.

Dick and Carol Schroeder attended a birthday party for their niece Robin Sharp. A good time was had by all.

Thanks Brenda and Jeana Rayles for taking care of Ethan and Jack so Carol could go with me to the doctor in Cincinnati. Thanks again Brenda and Jeana.

We had a nice visit with Audrey Harmon and Diana Brown in Madison. They said Davey Wilson is a little under the weather at this writing. Hope you get to feel in better Davey.

Carol and I went to the visitation for Larry Christman. Betty and Dale Drew was also there. We had a nice visit with Mrs. Flossie Lock. Betty, it was nice to see you. Maybe next time you and Flossie can come back to Tapps Ridge and visit.

We had a part of Easter at Carol’s brother and sister in law’s, Scott and Pam Kelly. The house was full, great food, and an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. Ethan cleaned up at the Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks Scott and Pam for a great day.

Dick and Carol Schroeder enjoyed Easter Dinner at his nephews, Mark Schroeder’s home. Others that were there; Tom and Cindy Haines, Zach, Brittany Haines and sons, John and Sherry Guy, Dick and Carol enjoyed the babies there.

Hello Janet and Dan Geren. Hope you had a great Easter. So glad you have a new puppy. They do bring a lot of joy into your life. Hope to see you soon.

Kay Johnson had Easter dinner with her son, Jr., and family.

Doris Chase helped Amanda Vann and her family host the Hopps organization with a large Easter Egg hunt in Madison, Indiana. There were many others helping with this. Thanks Amanda and all involved for all your hard work.

Our church held sunrise service on Easter Sunday and a breakfast followed. It was a bountiful breakfast. The church was decorated so pretty for Easter. We didn’t get to stay for the regular Sunday service. We had to go and prepare a brunch for Ed, Mandy, Ethan and Jack. Mandy had to go to work at noon. So the Easter bunny came and we had another breakfast.

Carol and Ethan tried to fly a kite. Ethan got it up pretty high. Then she took him over to Papa and Nana Brownings. Papa took Ethan fishing. Ed and Jack came and they all went to visit Ryan and Liz Bovards house.

Mary Jo Meyer went to Cincinnati to attend a family Easter gathering at Ron Roost in Western Hills. She said there was at least 45 there. Mary Jo had a big family.

Happy Birthday: Betty Drew, Sara Forwood, Tyle Sullivan, Mike James, Jason Kelly, Brenda Bromwell, Chris Miller, Wayne Springer, Glenn Pavy, Erin Williams, Pam Evans, Kathy Gaalema, Shannon Stewart.

Happy Anniversary: Rachel and Chris Miller.

Sympathy to the families of Larry Christman, Sue Rueter, Norman Earls Jr and Nanana Dunn.

Remember sometime you have to know when to hold your cards and when to fold them. Some people need to know when to bite their tongue and walk away because not everyone wants to hear it.