Tapps Ridge News 3-28-13


Hello, friends.

Well friends you know it is March Madness so let the games begin. I don’t know about you but my bracket is already busted so let the best team win.

Nathan and Donna Hughes stopped by and saw Ed and family and brought them some goodies. Ed really enjoyed visiting with them. Thanks, Nathan and Donna.

Carol, Mandy, Ethan and Jack went to the Ringling Circus last Sunday. What crazy weather, snowing in Vevay and Carol said when they got to Florence, Kentucky there was no snow at all. Ethan and Jack enjoyed the circus.

Ed, Mandy and boys went to the show in Madison. The boys enjoyed the show. Ed needed to get out.

It’s spring break time. Ryan and Liz Bovard and boys spent a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge.

Ed, Mandy and boys had a busy week. They went to the aquarium one day and Chuck Cheese another day. Mandy, Sammy, Lilly and the boys went to the show and saw “Croods.”

Carol and I got to visit with Jackie Thies Griffin at the Florence Mall. Jackie said her family was all okay. Jackie, it w as great to talk to you.

Ronnie May spent a few days here. He stopped by and visited with Janet Middleton. He also spent time visiting his mom and dad, Tommy and Ann May.

Ed is now taking rehab in Vevay. He is now putting some of his weight on his foot. Thursday morning Carol and I took Ed to the YMCA. They have a chair that lifts you in and out of the pool. Ed really enjoyed that. So did Ethan. He got to swim with his dad. Thanks, Matt, for getting the chair ready for him.

Kim (Turner) Stout and Tyla and daughter Hazel flew out West to visit her daughter Tennile and family in Portland, Oregon.

What is the definition of global warming? Apparently mother nature does not know either.

Randy Turner spent the weekend at Robin’s and babysat Saturday. Isn’t it nice, Randy, when we can spoil them and leave them with their parents?

Carol and I were at the YMCA one day last week when we met a couple we haven’t seen for a long time, Randy and Chris Craig. They are the parents of Brian Craig. Ed and Brian played baseball together in high school. They are also the grandparents of little Gavin Craig who is suffering from cancer. Prayers are needed for Gavin and his family.

Congratulations to Deanna Robinson Dolby for being chosen as employee of the year at Belterra.

Joann Schaub hosted a jewelry party Saturday. Carol and I attended. (I watched basketball with Gary.)

Our church held a Palm Sunday service. We had good attendance despite the weather.

Prayer concerns: Barbara Brown, Denny Brown, Casey Jones, Ashley Works, Eric Dunning, the family of Helen Cotton, Tammy Hamilton, Lowell Reynolds, Rosemary Warford, Karen Peelman, Peggy Eckerty, family of Mary Ann Simon, the family of Donnie Turner.

Dick and Carol Schroeder had company for a few days. Dick’s niece Karen and husband came in from Connecticut. They all enjoyed dinner at the Final Cut and other places too.

Happy Birthday: Galen Rayles, Paul James, Mary Lynn Rector, Jason Kelly, Donna Miller, Calvin Weales, Tye Sullivan, J.J. Sullivan, LeAnn Lozier, Carol Ann Sublett, Pam Evans, Chris Miller, Cheryl Janes, Kenny Hizer.

Steve and Tammy Johns and two other couples drove to Charleston, South Carolina and took a cruise on the Carnival Cruise Lines to the Bahamas. Steve, I have faith in you that you never once looked at another woman on your trip.

Brenda Rayles has been entertaining her three grandsons, Gipson, Eli and Ethan for a few days during spring break. All of the boys were at church Sunday, our boys too, and they all god along very well.

Betty Peters Drew called Sunday. Betty visited her daughter Kathy for a couple of days. Betty’s granddaughter took her to school for a special person day.

Terry Peters’ daughter Jamie had a baby boy March 23rd. They are both doing well.

Carol and I went to the REMC meeting. There were a lot of other people from Switzerland County there also. The food and entertainment was very good.

Carol and I attended the Lenten service at Switzerland Baptist Church Sunday evening. The music was great. The service and fellowship afterward was great too. Thanks Switzerland County for a great evening.

Remember next Sunday is Easter. attend the church of your choice.

Well, that is all I have for now, and remember the coffee pot is always on.