Tapps Ridge News 3-22-12


Hello, friends.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. It’s March Madness around our house. I’m sure my bracket looks like most others. That’s why they call it March Madness. “Go IU.”

Phyllis Kelly, Rita Carter, Carol and I enjoyed a two-week vacation in Florida recently. We stayed at Carol’s Uncle John and Cathy Kelly’s home in Bokellia, Florida. Carol and I also spent a few days with friends in Venice, Florida. The weather was perfect. We drove about 2,700 miles. We were very blessed not having any problems with traffic or the car. All of us went to visit Clarence Jackson and his wife Clara in Alva, Florida. Clarence is doing okay and was glad to see us. We found out Uncle John is a heck of a cook. We can’t thank them enough for their hospitality.

Thanks Kay for staying at the house and taking care of everything.

Carol and I enjoyed the Lenten service at New Liberty. The church was full. Fredonia was well represented. I had a great visit with Pastor Mike Barnes. Mike and I have been friends for a long time. It is always great to visit with him. I also visited with Reverend Pat Lanman and Bill Madison and Pastor K.C. Banta. It was a great evening and thanks New Liberty for the hospitality.

On March 25th Lenten service will be at Fredonia Church. We hope to see everyone. Come enjoy and have a great evening.

Steve and Tammy Johns participated in the Emerald Miles Epilepsy Walk.

Betty Peters called a few days ago. She is doing well. It was good to talk to you and we are keeping your special day in June open.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Church were Suzie (May) Brown, the Alonzo Bowlling family, Randy Dickerson, Sara Rodgers, Lloyd Laib, Paul Chase, the family of Unita (Bromwell) Moore, (Carol’s cousin), Howard Wade, the Wayne “Otie” Keith family.

Ed, Ethan and Jack, Carol and I had a little picnic Saturday at the park in Vevay. It was such a nice day. We got to visit with Nancy Lock and Mattea and Riley King.

Happy Birthday Beverly Mathews, Hazel Knaus, Judy Bailey, Gayla Bullock, Calvin Weales, Holly Rowe, April Gridley, Marilyn Owens, LeeAnn Lozier, Pat Jones, Betty Peters, Carol Ann Sublett, Tom Conroy, Tye and J.J. Sullivan, Wayne Springer, Pam Evans.

Happy Anniversary Rachel and Chris Miller and Jeremy and Melissa King.

Dick and Carol Schroeder came to visit us today. It was so good to see them. Ethan and Ed got to see them also. I think Ethan really entertained Dick and Carol. Jackie was at home sick today so they didn’t get to see him. Dick and Carol went over to visit Mary Jo Meyer while they were here. We went down to Belterra and had dinner with them. Come back soon. We miss you and thanks for the gift.

Leona Adams got to spend some time with her son Paul James for his birthday. Happy Birthday, Paul.

Well, Betty, it is birthday time again. How many years are you older than me. There is one thing I know. I will never catch up with you. I hope you had a special day.

Here is a saying I found on Facebook. I hope you enjoy it.

Never explain yourself to anyone because the people who like you don’t need it, and the people who dislike you won’t believe it.

That’s all I have for this week. Just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on. So until next time, take care.