Tapps Ridge News 3-13-14


Hello, friends.

Well it’s time to catch up again. If I did this every week it wouldn’t take so long.

Ed took Ethan and Jack to a wrestling match in Madison. One of the wrestlers said something to Jack. Ethan didn’t like it and was about ready to whip him.

Carol and I went to the visitation of Bill Welch. Bill was Joan James Carrigan’s brother-in-law. Joan and her daughters, Pam Lolley and Susan Nunn, came in with her. It was great to get to visit with them, but not under those circumstances.

Carol and I went to the funeral of George Adams. George was a special friend of Carol. Sympathy to Connie and family.

Steve, Judy, and Adeli Kinne were recent visitors of Doris Chase. Doris always enjoys when they come to visit.

Ed and I went to Cincinnati to attend a basketball game at UC. It was UC vs. Louisville Cardinals. UC lost but we enjoyed the day and game.

It was a sad day too. Ethan’s pup Rex “T” got hit by a car next to Ed’s house. Carol took the boys home with the dog and they buried him. Ethan said a prayer and sang a song. We all miss him.

Carol got me a new puppy. She is a Beabull, part English Bulldog and Beagle. We named her Bella. I forgot how hard it is to raise a puppy. Lots of work. Bu she is a cute and sweet dog.

We went to Grandparents Day at Jeff-Craig. We ate lunch with Ethan. There was a large crowd there. Some others who attended were Ethan’s other grandparents, Angie and Petey Browning, Dave Johns, Christy McMahan and her husband, Jerry and Bev Heath, and many others I can’t remember.

Ed, Jack and I attended the Pacers versua Madison ball game. A great game for the Pacers and it was senior night too.

Sympathy to the White and McKenzie family and the loss of their mother and brother.

Carol and I attended the visitation of Bonnie Lock. Carol helped with the luncheon prepared by the Fredonia Baptist Church. Sympathy to the Lock family.

Also, sympathy to the families of Gerri Gregory and Tommy Bovard.

Happy Birthday: Tina Fuller, Mike South, James Richards, Todd Walton, Annie Hicks, Dave McFadden, Evelyn Schaub, Holly Rowe, April Gridley, Marilyn Owens, Dylan Johnson, Bev Mathews, Wade Hughes, Pat Jones, Paul James, Ginny Leap, Tommy Courter, Gayla Bullock, Angie Priest, Shirley Davis, Chantelle Thornton.

Happy Anniversary, Jessica and Jeff Mullins, Bucky and Betty Pavy, Jeremy and Melissa King, John and Kathy Kelly, Duane and Tina Scudder.

Carol and I, Ed, Jack, and Ethan went to the sectional at Hanover. The Switzerland County Pacers lost Friday evening to Milan. It was a bittersweet ending, a disappointing loss, but what a great season. The coaches and players have a lot to be proud of.

Payton Richard placed 10 in a state wrestling meet. Congratulations Payton, job well done. James, one of these days he will be pinning you.

Carol and Ethan attended the Bug Fest at the Switzerland County Tech Building Saturday. Also, Bobby Jo Klein and sons, Garret and Graham, Janna Sweeney and son Jonathan, Carol Smith and her boys, Eddie McAlister and his mom. It was a fun time. Ethan and Eddie got in the cricket spitting contest. There also was a hissing cockroach race. Not sure who won. Ethan had fun.

We had church today. We missed Pastor Daugherty. He was sick. Rick preached the sermon today. He had a great message. Prayer concerns: Mary Jo Meyer, Mary Ann Meyer, Pastor Daugherty, the families of those who lost their loved ones recently.

The first Lenten service was held at Mt. Sterling Baptist Church. Carol and I took Doris Chase with us to attend. The message was about love given by Phillip Lee. He did a great job. We enjoyed the music and the fellowship. The next Lenten service is Sunday, March 16th, at Patriot Baptist Church. Please come. You will enjoy the evening.

Thought for the day:

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory – Dr. Seuss.

Well friends this is all I have. We just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on. So until next time, take care.