Tapps Ridge News 3-12-15


Hello, friends.

Well the weather is finally giving us a break. After about a month we were finally able to have church at Fredonia. It was great to see all of our church family have fellowship with them.

Carol and I want to thank Greg Curlin for cleaning out our drive again. Greg is a great neighbor and friend to everyone here on Tapps Ridge.

What a great year for the Switzerland County Pacers basketball teams. The Lady Pacers went to the final game of the Regional and the boys to the final game of the Sectional. Most importantly, they’re both winners on and off the court. So coaches be proud of the seasons you had because you all built more than players on the court. The fan support was great all year. Switzerland County Pacers – great year all around.

Mike McClellan is in the hospital at Norton’s in Louisville so please keep him and his family in your prayers. Gary Collins treated me to the buffet at Belterra. We enjoyed the meal and evening. Thanks, Gary.

Sonny (Mode) Martin said his mom, Mrs. Frances Martin, was doing okay. Mrs. Martin, we are thinking of you.

Carol’s stepmom Phyllis Kelly was in the hospital at St. Elizabeth in Edgewood, Kentucky. She became very sick at home and now is home getting better. Phyllis is also a great-grandma again. Carol’s youngest brother Chris’ son Zack and girl friend Ree have a new baby boy. Congrats.

Junior Johnson and Robin have a new son born recently, not sure what day. Colton was born with a serious defect and is in Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati. Put him and the family in your prayers. Colton is Kay Johnson’s grandson and Carol’s great-nephew.

Our church finally got to have Sunday services yesterday. We were all glad to be back.

Prayer concern: Buster Chase, Darrin Swanson, Mike McClellan, Colton Johnson, Rick Daugherty, Sharon Schmitt, Juanita Scudder, Kay Smith, Larry Boggs, Deanna Flynn, Rachel Ard, Donna Miller, Debbie Cox, Mary Lou Curlin, Ruth Ann Lorch, Brian and Ariel Cox, Dave Gurley, Bill Wiseman, Tim Swango, Kirk Works, Bob Slack, Phyllis Kelly, Kenny Turner, Mary Jo Meyer.

Thanks Froggy for the circus tickets. Carol, Ed, Ethan and Jack and her sister Joann took some of her grandkids too. The kids were really good. They had a good time.

Happy Birthday: Judy Bailey, Tina Scudder, Carol Ann Sublett, Bev Mathews, Marilyn Owens, Betty Drew, Tye Sullivan, Holly Rowe, Lee Ann Lozier, Clinton Green, Tommy Courter, Sondra Furnish, Hazel Knaus, Chantell Thornton, Sharon Schmitt, Paul James, Pat Jones, Gayla Bullock, Angie Priest, Shirley Davis, Lily Williams, April Gridley, Sara Forwood.

Happy Anniversary: Tina and Duane Scudder, Jeff and Jessica Mullins, and Jeremy and Melissa King.

Facebook: We want to wish Betty (Peters) Drew a happy birthday. How old? Who knows. Pretty soon you will be as old as me.

Everybody has the power to make someone else happy.

Some do it by entering the room,

While some do it by leaving. – Facebook

Kim Cox is home for spring break from Manchester College. Kim, we hope you enjoy your break.

If you need a church, come to Fredonia, the little rock church on Tapps Ridge. Everyone is always welcome. We’re not just friends, we’re family.

That is all I have. Just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on. So until next time, take care.