Tapps Ridge News 2-28-13


Hello, friends.

Carol and I want to congratulate Nicole Leap. Nicole was crowned Queen of Hearts at Switzerland County High School. Congratulations Nicole and the rest of the contestants. You all did a great job.

Carol took Ethan and Jack to the basketball game. It was senior night and there was a large crowd. The boys had a great evening.

Carol and I went to Rising Sun to see her sister Kay, Stevie and friend. Later we had dinner at Rockies, good food. We had a nice visit with Rick and Kathy Kelly. It was good to see them. Dee Mondary sat with us and we enjoyed his company, as always.

We went to the Lenten service at Mount Sterling. Guest speaker was Scott Elston. what a speaker, he preaches from his heart. I had a nice visit with Mike Barnes. Mike and I have been friends for a long time. It was great to visit with him. We also had a nice visit with K.C. Banta. The church was full, great music and fellowship. The food was great. Thanks ladies and gentlemen for making it a great evening at Mount Sterling.

Carol and I attended the graveside service for Paul V. chase. After the services the family gathered for lunch at Paul and Doris’ home in Florence. There was so much food. Doris’s granddaughter Amanda had everything ready to be served. She did a great job. Paul and Doris have been close friends of ours for many years. Carol and Doris worked together for many years at the shoe factory. Sympathy to the Chase family. Paul will be missed by many – one person in particular, Steve Kinne. Steve visited Paul most every day. Steve probably learned a lot from Paul. Paul was quite the politician.

Carol and I, Mandy and Ed went to Cincinnati recently to Ed’s surgeon. They removed his staples and put a new brace on. He can now start to bend his knee. Ed faces a long road, but with God’s help and prayers he won’t be alone. The physical part it tough but so is the emotional one.

There is a lot of sickness still going around. Little Jack has an ear infection and Mandy was sick too. Carol and I went to the VA last week. I have bronchitis. We were there eight hours – a long day. Everyone seems to be some better.

Several members of Fredonia Baptist Church and Olive Branch Church attended Winter Jam in Cincinnati. The way the kids talked it was a great success.

Mandy got to help Ethan’s kindergarten class with a Valentine party. It was a fun day for all of them. Ethan was excited to have his mommy there.

Harry Brown, a member of our church, is home now recovering from open heart surgery.

Kim Cox is also recovering from gall bladder surgery. Kim is a student at Manchester College. Her mom Debbie is staying in her dorm for a couple of weeks to help care for her. She is better.

Mary Lou Curlin is home now after spending some time in the hospital. Get well soon, Mary Lou.

Bobby Curlin said his sister Frances is having vision problems. Bobby and Freda had company recently. His son Alvin and wife Connie spent a few hours with them. They also met their daughter Alice in Versailles for a visit.

Sympathy to the family of Judy Dickerson. She was a sweet lady and will be missed by many.

Today is our daughter Tina’s birthday. We miss her very much.

Happy Birthday: Ashley Kelly Adams, Tracy Thompson, Wayne Ellegood, Amy Kelly, Evelyn Schaub, Gayle Beach, Ryan Springer, Evelyn Smith, Hannah Findley, Karen Kelly, Rhonda Cutter, Ella Thompson, Judy Bailey, Wade Hughes, Brandon Fuller, Kenny Chatham, Ruth Romans, Bev Mathews, Glenda Sullivan.

Carol took Ed to a new doctor in Madison. He is seeing Dr. Isreal. I took care of Jack while they were there, or he took care of me.

From Facebook’s Words of Wisdom:

When the day is over

the night will come

That day will be gone

What’s done is done

Enjoy your dreams

throughout the night

And start a new morning

with a brand new light.

That is all I have for the week. Just wanted you to know the coffee is still on. So until next time everyone have a great week. Take care.