Tapps Ridge News 12-20-12


I write this article today with a heavy heart, trying to find some understanding about this tragedy at the Connecticut elementary school. I only hope that these families will have some peace of mind. We pray for the families, school staff, and the community that they will find peace and maybe some day, closure on what has happened.

Carol and I attended the Christmas program at Jefferson-Craig. Ethan’s class performed. What a great show. All the students did a great job.

Sami Browning had a birthday party for her daughter Lily. Ethan, Jack, Ed, and Mandy went to Pete and Angie’s to help Lily celebrate her special day.

Carol and I visited Paul and Doris Chase. Bud and Debbie were there putting up a new TV for them. Randy came and also helped hook it up.

I want to say a special hello to Bill Peters. Bill, I heard you have been real good this year and you even got two bags of candy.

Don, Brenda and Jeana Rayles hosted the annual Christmas dinner at their home recently. Brenda said there were 34 at their house. Brack, Jamie and boys couldn’t be there because both boys came down sick. Also, Dennis and Lori Knaus stopped by to join in their opening of the gag gifts.

Carol and I had lunch Friday at Roxano’s with Betty (Peters) Drew and her husband Dale. We enjoyed visiting with them. Thanks for lunch, Dale and Betty. We owe you one. While we were there we talked to Janna Sweeney, Bobby Jo Klein and her little boy. I think he is going to give Bobbi Jo a run for her money. He reminds me of our grandson Jack (quite the handful) but that is okay, wouldn’t have him any other way. We also met a very nice lady there. She is Doris Shadday of Madison. Nice to meet you Doris.

We visited Paul and Doris Chase. Paul seemed a little better this evening. I know he enjoys company. He said he is very lonely. Doris said Steve Kinney stops by almost every day and Paul’s kids and grandkids are close by too. Liz Little was also a recent caller. Keep them in your prayers.

Carol’s brother Steve and sister Kay have had recent surgery. Both are doing okay.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Baptist Church were Paul Chase, Denny Brown, Melody Smith, the families and community of Newtown, Connecticut, Kay Johnson, Harry and Barb Brown, Kay Smith, Dutchie Scholl, Ramona Teel, the family of Carl Bovard, Dennis and Alice Faye Whitham, Don Pavy, Wanda Johns, Sally Kinghorn, Ryleigh Hollingsworth, Patricia Shelton, and Donnie Wilson.

Pastor Rick Daugherty filled in for Pastor Wayne today. He is pheasant hunting. Thanks, Rick, you did a great job as always.

Our church is holding a Christmas Eve program December 24th at 5:30 p.m. There will be a short Christmas program put on by the kids and choir. Refreshments afterwards. Everyone is invited to attend. Please come.

According to Facebook Chris Miller, son of George and Barb Miller of Patriot, is back in the United States as of now. It will be a great Christmas for Rachel and his family. Thank you for your service and we are glad you are home safely.

Carol went visiting the other day. She stopped by Bobby and Freda Curlin’s. They are well. They have company. Their daughter Joann and granddaughter and family visited. She also stopped by to see Tommy and Ann May. They continue to struggle. Please keep them in your prayers.

Friday evening Carol and I went to her sister’s home in Lawrenceburg. Gary and I sat on the couch and watched football while her sisters, Kay, Jeanne, Gina, Phyllis Kelly, Kim Lowe and aunt Charlotte Woodruff played cards and dice. I was never a card player. They had a lot of fun. Her brother Pat stopped by to visit.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a Christmas concert at Belterra. The place was packed. It was good. We enjoyed the evening. Thank you, Mary Jo Meyer.

The American Legion held its Christmas party Saturday evening. It was nice to talk to Carol Conner and Earl, Mary Jo Meyer and Leona Adams. I didn’t get to stay long but I’m sure everyone had a great time.

I want to thank Dick and Carol Schroeder for treating Carol and me to lunch to celebate my birthday in Rising Sun. We had a great visit and we miss you both.

Our community was saddened Sunday morning with the passing of Carl Bovard. Carl was a good man who has helped many people in the community. He will be missed by his family and friends and the community.

Happy Birthay: Don Miller, Roy Leap, Tammy Johns, Monica (Detraz) Hensley, Mike “Bink” Stivers, Andrew Rodgers, Lori Sainz, Aunt June Mondary, Debbie (Darbro) Simpson, Lily Browning, Jackson White, and Brandon Kelly.

Happy Anniversary: Tammy and Steve Johns.

Carol attended a meeting with Carol Ann Sublett last week. Others in attendance were Jessica Mullins and Janelle Lustig. It was a GAL annual meeting. Thanks Carol Ann and Judge Coy.

I think Pastor Rick said it best. We have taken God and prayer out of our schools because it is a separation of church and state. Then look what we do when we are in need. We pray and ask God for help. What is wrong with this picture. Here is a saying from Facebook.

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever.

Sometimes they are only there long enough to teach you the lessons that you needed to learn. -Facebook.

This will be the last writiing before Christmas.

Carol and I want each and every one to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.