Tapps Ridge News 11-22-12


Hello, friends.

Well the election is over, and I’m really glad. Congratulations to the winners and to all of those who participated. Now maybe we can get on to something else.

Ethan and Jack attended the Halloween party at the Library. There was a small group but they all had fun. Thanks again to Shannon, Brett and Lacy for this fun filled event.

Louis Peelman recently had bypass surgery at Kentuckiana in Clarksville. Louis is home now and feeling better. He was able to come to church last Sunday.

Carol and I, Jack and Ethan attended the carnival at SCES. The boys had a lot of fun. There was a lot of people there. Thanks to the P.T.O. and the staff at SCES.

Carol took Jack and Ethan to church. They had communion. It was Jack’s first time to go to church.

Hello to Dick and Carol Schroeder. Hope everyone is okay and we miss you. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Happy 4th birthday to Ryleigh Hollingsworth. Ryleigh was one of the students on that fatal bus crash in Carrollton, Kentucky. She is home now an recovering. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims of that crash. Her mother Kristina is a relative of Carol’s.

Doug and Becca (Johns) Adams are the proud parents of a new baby girl born November 6th. Congrats.

Ed and Noel Kinney took in a Pacer game in Indianapolis. Ed and I also wen to a Pacer game a week later. Others who also were at the game with Ed and me were James Martin, and a couple of guys who work at the YMCA. Don’t know their names.

Kay Johnson and Carol went to Belterra Saturday evening while we were at the game. Carol said they ran into her cousin Diane and Carol’s aunt Rosemary Warford.

Mode “Sonny” Martin visited Kenny Bright recently. Mode says Kenny is not well. Keep him in your prayers.

Deanna and Chris Dolby and Bently are spending a few days in Pigeon Forge. It is birthday time for Deanna. Hope it was a great one.

Wayne and Janet Daugherty recently returned home from visiting Pigeon Forge. Janet said it was good to get away for a few days.

Carol and I visited Paul and Doris Chase. Paul is not well. Keep him in your prayers.

Prayer list at Fredonia Baptist Church: Paul Chase, Helen Duntz, Louie Peelman, Wanda Johns, Denny Brown, Kenny Turner, Gladys Bond, Dennis and Alice Faye Whitham, Sally Kinghorn, Nikki Smith, Brenda Novak, Don Pavy, Janey Peelman, Mary Lou Chase.

Our church is having a baptism and Thanksgiving dinner Sunday, the 18th. All are welcome.

Happy Birthday: Rob and Rick Daugherty, Barb Brown, Joe Lewis, David Cox, Tom Demaree, Jaxon Lynn, Kathy Daugherty, Zack Daugherty, Meridith Zimber, Junior Johnson, Phil Lozier, Lee Jaye Lohide, AJ Covingto, Beanie Driver, Louann Turner, Bobby Kelly, Lynn (Dilts) Post, Ed James, Brian Turner, Faye Snyder.

Happy Anniversary: Tracy and Joe Azbell and Keith and Jean Little.

Congratulations to Davey Curlin and Audrey (Roberts) Frock on their recent marriage.

Carol and I attended the Veterans Day program at JCES. The students put the program on. Our grandson Ethan was in the program. Some of those in attendance were Bev and Jerry heath, Dave McFadden, Bernie and Gladys Hunt, Pete, Angie, and Sami Browning, and Jack McClellan, Betty and Bob Griswold, Nikki and Ale Lynn, Brenda Rayles, Mary Jane and Christine Demaree and Phyllis Collier. Thanks staff and students at JCES. Great program.

Carol and I attended the Veterans Program Sunday at S.C.H.S. Great program, Rita. It was great to see all of the veterans who showed up for this. You know Vietnam was an unpopular war. You may not have liked the war, but don’t dislike the warrior. He or she was called. They went and they served proudly. Welcome home.

Betty Peters Drew called and it was nice to talk to her. She and Dale are okay. Her daughter Kathy is having some health issues. We hope everything turns out okay.

Our grandson Jack is not feeling well at this writing. Hurry up and get well, Jack.

Enclosed is a poem written during the Vietnam War. I believe this reflects the feelings of the soldiers during that time. This poem was found in one of Grandma Wilma’s scrapbooks.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and remember the coffee pot is still on, and be thankful for all we have and the freedom we take for granted.