Tapps Ridge News 11-20-14


Hello, friends.

Well friends, the election is over and I, for one, am glad. The people have spoken. We wish the ones who won nothing but the best and for the ones who lost, thank you for running.

Always remember, we live in the best country in the world.

Carol has been volunteering one day a week for the Jeff-Craig 5th grade classes. The program is called “Think Smart, Stay Safe.” Cynthia Griffith is the leader. The other ladies have the small groups. Others helping were Marilyn Devers, Jade Cooney, Helen Parks, Jasica Robinson and Joyce Wright. Jade was kind enough to invite the ladies for a brunch at her home in Patriot. Carol said she has a lovely home and beautiful view of the river. Joyce entertained them with playing the mandolin and singing some songs.

It must have been Switzerland County day at Frisch’s last week. Carol and I and her sister Joann ate breakfast there. We saw Charlie Haskell, Lewis and Violet Kelly, Everett Boggs and his brother, Pat Deaton and Sheila Gault.

Charlie seems to be okay and I enjoyed visiting with him.

Also, we heard Lewis Kelly had surgery recently and is home recovering. Get well soon.

Kim Stout recently had double knee replacement. She is home now and doing well enough. She attended church Sunday. Glad you are doing okay. I know they miss you at school.

Brenda, Don and Jeana Rayles attended their grandson Gipson’s play he recently was a part of. Brenda said he knew his lines well.

Carol attended the visitation for Louella McCarty. Betty and Dale Drew and Pete and Angie Browning were there. They stayed for the funeral. Sympathy to the family.

Rick and Janey Daugherty returned home from a cruise on the Caribbean. Hope you enjoyed your trip. We have never taken a cruise but would like to.

Ethan and Carol went to the girls basketball game Saturday night. They play South Dearborn. The girls had a good game and won by a good margin. They had a bad night Friday night but I think they made up for it. Ethan had fun playing with Cooper Todd.

Doris Chase and Daisy Swanson spent the day shopping Saturday in Madison.

We are glad to have Pastor Wayne back to church now. We are happy he is able to conduct the sermon. He is feeling better every day. Prayer concerns at Fredonia Baptist Church: Laci and Rick Daugherty, Pastor Daugherty, Al Dushane, Earl Conner, Andy Brown, Betty and Ernest Henry, Debbie Hunter, Frances Martin, Melody Smith, Shelby Cole, Shelby Elliott, Bob Hayes (Rising Sun), Ron Lee, Bill Fisher, Betty Chase, Lori Knaus, Louie Peelman, Bill Jewell, the Butch Brown family, Louella McCarty family, Tycia Peters family, Brian and Ariel Cox. We were glad to see Tyler Teel back at church today. He had a friend Jerry Doughty with him.

Happy Birthday Joann Schaub, Junior Johnson, Charlotte Bromwell, Phyllis Kelly, Tandy and T-Bird Steelman, Kenny Griffin, Rhonda Griffin, Phil Lozier, Alisa Keith, Rhonda Pennington, Brian Turner, David Cox, Zack Daugherty, Kathy Daugherty, Lee Jaye Lohide, Jeremy Kelly, Tom Demaree.

Happy Anniversary: Bill and Bonnie Chipman, Terry and Lou Ann Turner, Jerry and Kay Smith, Eddie and Christine Demaree.

Carol and I enjoyed the Veterans Day dinner at Belterra along with Gary Collins, Joann Schaub, and Gary’s parents Earl and Alice Collins.

Earl and Carol Ann Conner also enjoyed the dinner. It was great to see Earl out. Thanks, Belterra, for a great evening.

Veterans Day was observed at all of the county schools. I’m sure everyone who attended enjoyed their programs. Thanks to all.

I didn’t go this year. Sometimes you just want to spend the time by yourself and reflect on the time you served. Enough said.

Well if you don’t see my news in the paper until after Thanksgiving we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

That’s all we have for now. We just wanted to let you know the coffee pot is still on. Take care.