Tapps Ridge News 10-31-13


It’s been quite a while since we wrote any news. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Ed had his surgery on September 23rd and is doing real good. He is now doing therapy with Steve Konkle and Jennifer Bostic. So far everything is looking okay.

Jack, Ed’s son, had surgery on September 24th and has a mouth full of metal. We told him we could sell him for scrap. We wouldn’t do it, but it is something to think about.

Janice Ramsey and Gladys were recent callers of Doris Chase.

Betty Lucas is home and even went back to work. Betty, we’re glad you are home and doing well.

Barry Works had a serious farm accident. Barry, we hope you are doing okay.

Carol recently spent some time with Tommy and Ann May. She loves to visit with them.

Carol and I went to the Fall Festival in Lawrenceburg. There were a lot of people there. We hope they all had a good time. We know we did, just visiting with friends.

Ethan, Jack, Carol and I attended the Reds last baseball game of the year. Dick and Carol Schroeder were also at the game and we had a nice visit with them.

We all attended First Friday. What a great evening. The boys, Ethan and Jack, and Carol rode Sprockett.

Carol and I attended the quilt show along with Dan and Jane Geren who were visiting from LaPorte, Indiana. What a great quilt show.

There was a happy birthday party held at the American Legion for Mary Jo Meyer and Dutchie Scholl. We wish you both a belated and happy birthday and hope you have many more.

Happy 25th anniversary to Don and Angie Scherenbeck. Their anniversary party was held at LaRosa’s in Cincinnati. Don and Angie: We wish you many more happy years together.

We also want to wish Ryan and Liz Bovard a happy anniversary. We hope you both had a great day.

Dale and Betty Drew traveled to Maine recently to attend a family member’s wedding.

Carol saw Edie Hornsby Eads a couple of weeks ago at Shell’s in Vevay. She was with Shila Sublett and Vonda Stump. It was good to see her.

We took Ed back to Indianapolis to see his surgeon. They removed all the stitches and staples. We go back in November and hopefully he will be able to start putting weight on it.

Carol and I enjoyed lunch with Jane and Dan Geren. We went to the Sunset Gill in Warsaw. We enjoyed the river view and the food.

Mandy, Ethan and Jack had a campout with Liz and sons, Cash and Dre, and Lily and Sami Browning. They had a good time.

Fredonia Baptist Church was one of the churches that opened its doors for the tour of churches for the Bicentennial. There were several people who showed up for the tour. Carol was at the church along with several other members.

Carol and Dick Schroeder were down for a visit. We had dinner at Belterra and enjoyed the evening with them.

Ed and Mandy hosted a 7th birthday party for Ethan. She had it decorated in Halloween style. It was a beautiful day. He received a lot of cash. Mandy took him to the Aquarium in Newport. He bought something there with his money.

Rick Daugherty has started a Bible study at Fredonia Church Wednesdays at 6:30. Please come join us.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Church: The family of Gene Johnson, Janice Furnish family, and Mary Lou Furnish family. Larry Boggs, John and Bonnie Lock, Randy Turner, Betty Mishler, Evelyn smith, Lisa Asher, Mike Poling, Nancy Turner, Darrell Hansel, Linda Bond, Craig Bond, Kay Smith, Barry Works, Davey Curlin, Jerry Wesselbrock, Barb Brown, Tommy and Ann May, Eddie McClellan.

Sympathy to the Chase family on the loss of their sister Sis Gregory of Rising Sun.

Happy birthday to our daughter-in-law Mandy.

Happy birthday to a special young lady, Jeana Rayles.

Happy birthday: Oscar Geren, Ethan McClellan, Thurmond Hester, Randy Cole, Tyler Teel, Melissa King, Nicole Leap, Trish Smith, Sonny Martin, Ashley Peelman, Pat Kelly, Aaron Middendorf, Casie Auxier, Everett Boggs, Thelma Powell, Pat Slack, Myrtle Ritchie, Charlie Haskell, Sara Beth Slack, Kayla Hall, Barb Anderson.

Happy anniversary to Thurmond and Betty Hester and Tommy and Ann May.

Roy and Julie Leap, Nicole and friend enjoyed a well deserved vacation in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here are two sayings I thought you would enjoy.

Opportunity is missed by most people

Because it is dressed in overalls and

Looks like work.

-Thomas Edison

Enjoy the little things in life for

one day you may look back and

Realize they were the big things.

– Robert Brault

That is all I have. Just remember the coffee pot is always on. Until next time, take care.