Tapps Ridge News 1-9-14


As we sit here waiting on the snow and winter blast of cold air, I guess we better catch up with the news.

Carol and I want to thank the Vevay Newspapers and staff for the fruit basket.

Ed, James Richards, Tommy Sullivan and James’ dad met Noel Kinney at the Indianapolis Pacers basketball game. The Pacers won and a great evening was enjoyed by everyone.

Carol and Joan went shopping in Florence then they went to see Aunt Charlotte.

Ed, Ethan, Jack, Carol and I went to the Rising Sun-Switzerland County basketball game. The Pacers won. Ethan and Jack enjoyed the game.

Brenda Rayles went to Madison recently and stopped by and visited with Sonny and Frances Martin. Frances was happy Brenda came to visit. Frances, we’re thinking about you and Sonny and miss you both at church.

Pastor Wayne Daugherty stopped by our house. He was delivering fruit baskets to the church members. Thanks Pastor Wayne and Janet.

Richard Lock surprised his wife Katrina Saturday with a date trip to Christmas at the Galt House in Louisville. Also, keep Richard’s mom Bonnie Lock in your prayers.

Brenda, Donnie and Jeana Rayles hosted a Christmas get together at their home. Brenda said there were 25 in attendance.

Brenda told us of the sudden passing away of Debbie Farrington. Sympathy to her family.

Carol and I took Ed to Indy to see his surgeon. The doctor gave him a Christmas present. He told him he could walk without the crutches. He continues his rehab, still a ways from complete recovery.

Jack, our grandson, and his preschool, Aberdeen Methodist Church, put on a Christmas program. It was so good. These three and four year olds never missed a beat. It was well attended. Angie and Petey Browning, Carol and I, Ed, Mandy and Ethan attended. Thanks to Kay Uhlmansiek, Mary Lou Bowman, Laurie Schore, and Heather Faddis for a job well done.

Carol and I, Joann Schaub, Kay Johnson, Pat Kelly, Steve and Kelly Kelly, Jeanne Rector and Mike Wilder, Tommy Courter and Angel Rector all met at Rockies in Rising Sun for a holiday get together. The food was great and so was the company.

Tammy and Steve Johns celebrated their anniversary with some friends at Hollywood for Boogie Nights. Happy Anniversary an Happy Birthday, Tammy.

The American Legion held its annual Christmas party. The food was great and being with a lot of our friends made for a great evening. Leona and Richard Adams said Leona’s daughter Vickie was homesick and we miss her too. Vickie, we will always remember the great time at your grandma and grandpa’s, my aunt and uncle, Dorothy and Chet James’. Great times we will keep in our hearts forever.

Megan Sullivan, granddaughter of Rita Sullivan, daughter of J.J. Sullivan and former Kacey Hayes, was crowned Homecoming Queen at Rising Sun. Congratulations Megan.

Fredonia held its Christmas Eve church service. There was a large attendance. Ethan was a wise man and Jack was a shepherd. It was a really great evening.

Carol and I went to Ed and Mandy’s later Christmas Eve. We visited with Pete and Angie, Liz and boys and Sammi and Lily.

Ed, Mandy, Jack and Ethan had Christmas lunch with us and opened their presents. What a great time we had watching the boys.

Later on Christmas Day we visited with Phyllis, Pam and Scott, Chris, Gina, Holly and Jason in Latonia, another great day with family.

Steve and Judy Kinne and kids visited with Doris Chase over Christmas. Doris enjoyed their company and all the goodies they brought.

Amanda and Randy hosted a Christmas dinner for their family and Doris attended that.

Connie Jo Thies recently had surgery in Lawrenceburg. She is home and getting better. She received lots of cards and prayers.

Mary Jo Meyer spent Christmas with her family. She and her daughter Jenny went to see Sara Evans in concert at Belterra. She then went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra at U.S. Bank Arena, compliments of her son Danny and his wife Cheryl.

Dick and Carol Schroeder spent Christmas with Don, Angie, Noah and Brooke Scherenbeck of Cincinnati. Don and Angie and kids spent one evening at Playhouse in the Park.

Brandon, Bobby and Caleb Kelly and Sara and son Drake had Christmas with his mom Bev and Mickey Mathews.

Happy 89th birthday to Carol’s aunt, June Mondary.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. Noel Graves. He was a wonderful doctor for the community and Madison. In 1966, he took me and Aunt Dorothy to the hospital when I had a car wreck and broke my arm.

John Pfrommer of Lafayette sent us a Christmas card. John is 92 years old and still is able to live at home and has lunch with his sister-in-law Peachie once a week.

We received many nice cards this year. Thanks to everyone.

Daniel and Sara Rogers went to North Carolina and visited with Rachel and Chris Miller. Rachel and Chris are going to be parents in June and I believe it is a little girl. Congrats. Rachel and Chris came home after Christmas and spent a few days with both their parents. One day they all spent the day tubing at Perfect North. I do believe it was a bit much for Sara but they all had a great time. Also, Zack got to come home abnd be with them. Everyone is safely home now.

Betty (Peters) Drew called and said they had a nice Christmas. Her brother Bill’s wife had to have heart surgery and is recovering. Betty, her brothers Terry and Bill, and their families had dinner at The Pines to celebrate Christmas.

Donnie and Kim Stout, Tyla and her family traveled to Oregon after Christmas to spend time with Tennile and her family,. They had a great trip and are home now.

Carol and I took Ethan and Jack to Caribbean Cove Hotel and Water Park in Indianapolis. While on our way we stopped at McDonald’s in Versailles. We visited with Debbie Poling and Bev and Jerry Heath and family, Angie, Amy and grandkids.

Bev and Jerry’s daughter Angie and her children came in from Florida to spend Christmas with them.

Greg, Becky, Ethan and Levi Curlin went to Logansport, Indiana after Christmas to spend time with her mom.

New Year’s has come and gone. Goodbye 2013 and hello 2014.

Carol and I wenbt to the Legion in Vevay. They had snacks and a card tournament. We stayed for a while and went home and watched the ball drop and went to bed, an exciting evening. I guess we are geting old.

New Year’s Day we enjoyed our cabbage like usual and talked to Doris Chase. She said Steve and Judy Kinne and kids came to visit and they ate her cabbage. Doris spent New Year’s Day with Daisy Swanson.

Mary Jo Meyer’s sister Pat is in and visited Mary Jo. They spent New Year’s Eve at Belterra. We know Mary Jo enjoyed their time together.

Kassandra Woodwar is the first woman from Indiana to complete the Marine’s Infantry training. Kassandra is a SCHS graduate and Switzerland County is very proud of her. Kassandra is one of only 13 women to complete this training. Kassandra, thank you for your service and to our country. That is quite an accomplishment.

Brenda and Jeana Rayles celebrated New Year’s Eve with Lori and Dennis Knaus. She said they all played Twister and that was quite amazing.

Brenda visited Tommy and Ann May and brought Christmas dinner to them.

Happy Birthday: Tammy Johns, Brandon Kelly, Jenny McFadden, Cathy Hart, Mike Stivers, Bob Reed, Billy Lock, Wendi (Black) Boyler, Tracy (Miller) Nickulis, Jonathan Sweeney, Debbie Davis, Kathy Hunt, Kathy Covington, Nancy Springer, Jordon Ahaus, James and Rita Brogan, Scotty Moore, Courtney Carfield.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Baptist Church: Jeff Gilmore family, Debbie Farrington and family, Ron Hocker family, Ernie Shultz, Donna Brady, Bonnie Lock, Kirk Works, Connie Jo Thies, Vickie Johnson, Ginger Kincaid, Leon Peelman, Barb Covington, Tommy and Ann May, Frances Martin, Evon Gray, Darrell Hansel, Betty Mishler.

I called and talked to Joan James Carrigan. She said they all had a nice Christmas and everyone was doing okay.

Well, that is all I have. Hope everyone had a great New Year. Remember, the coffee pot is always on. Until next time, take care.