Switzerland County holds graduation ceremony for Class of 2006


The Class of 2006 officially became alumni of Switzerland County High School on Sunday afternoon, as the high school held its graduation ceremony in the gymnasium.

The program begin with seniors Maggie Eich, Kattie Eldridge, and James Williams — all members of the high school choir — singing the National Anthem.

After the seniors entered the gym, senior class treasurer Amanda Faber led everyone in the “Pledge of Allegiance.” Class vice president Ashley Chase then gave the invocation; and high school principal Derek Marshall welcomed everyone to the graduation.

This year’s baccalaureate address will be given by pastor Roger Parrott of Vevay United Methodist Church, who shared some thoughts with the seniors about what lies ahead of them after graduation day; and his confidence that this year’s seniors will be able to meet and conquer those challenges.

The introduction of the class salutatorian, Natalie Graham, was made by high school French teacher Meagan Meadors, who was asked by Natalie Graham to present her because of their work together throughout high school.

Natalie Graham spoke to her classmates about all of the different changes that they had been through together, from joining into a single class in middle school to overcoming the deaths of two classmates this year.

This year there were four valedictorians in the class: Natalie Daugherty, Kodi Driver, Melissa Kinne, and Russell Washer.

Natalie Daugherty and Melissa Kinne were presented by teacher Pam Jones; Kodi Driver was presented by teacher Ryan Cummings; and Russell Washer was presented by former teacher Greg Deaton.

All four valedictorians gave their addresses together, with each taking a letter from the word “Success” and expanding on its importance to their classmates.

Director of Guidance Denise Loaring introduced those students who had earned an Academic Honors diploma; a Core 40 diploma; and also the Top 10 members of the graduating class — which turned out to be 11 due to the academic strength of the class.

Principal Marshall certified the class; and superintendent of schools Tracy Caddell officially accepted the class as graduates, noting that they had fulfilled all state requirements.

Diplomas were presented by Tracy Caddell, Derek Marshall, and Denise Loaring; with assistant principal Kent Dunning reading the names of the graduates.

After the class members had received their diplomas, the class was presented as graduates by class president Jessica Akins; and class treasurer Ashley Leonard gave the benediction.

Upon their official designation as graduates, class members then “super balls” into the air, allowing them to bounce around the gym to the laughter and delight of those in attendance. Caps were then thrown skyward, and the newest alums of Switzerland County High School marched out of the gym to meet with family and friends in front of the school.