Switzerland County High School archery team competes in State Meet


The Switzerland County archery teams were in action Saturday morning at the Indiana NASP Finals in Indianapolis.

The high school team finished with a team score of 3,102 earning it a 22nd place overall ranking in the high school division.

The high school team was led by Elizabeth DeSonia with a score of 269; followed by: Lauren Smith, 265; Jordan Lay, 262; Matt Roland, 261; Brad Rickett, 260; Tyler Yeary, 257; Devin Harris, 257; Hunter Zorn, 257; Kristen Rose, 256; Brittney Jones, 255; Allen Jones, 252; and Collin Bovard, 251.

Other team members competing but not factoring into the overall team score included: Kobe Chatham, 246; Emma Dornbusch, 243; Tyler Boyle, 242; Drew Hewitt, 238; Brittany Muench, 232; Dalton Wilhoitte, 229; Blake Johnson, 227; Tessa Reyner, 223; Adeli Kinne, 209; Greg Givens, 205; Eli Bowling, 181; and Audrey Kinne, 112.

The high school team has posted a score that qualifies the team for a Tier 5 flight selection for the National Finals to take place May 7th-9th in Louisville, Kentucky. A total of 12,000 archers from across the nation will be in attendance.


The Switzerland County High School team also competed in the inaugural NASP/IBO 3D Challenge at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Switzerland County earned a fourth place overall finish in the team competition.

Tyler Yeary led the Switzerland County archers posting a score of 269 - earning him sixth overall ‘High School Male’ honors. Switzerland County’s Brittney Jones shot a 261, which also placed her third overall ‘High School Female’ in the competition.

Other Switzerland County archers competing and rounding out the team scoring were: Blake Johnson, 255; Devin Harris, 250; Drew Hewitt, 247; Allen Jones, 245; Jordan Lay, 237; Tessa Reyner, 235; Elizabeth DeSonia, 231; Matt Roland, 230; Brittany Muench, 225; Kobe Chatham, 224; Collin Bovard, 223; Brad Rickett, 221; Hunter Zorn, 209; Adeli Kinne, 192; Greg Givens, 152; and Tyler Boyle, 114.

“The coaching staff is extremely proud in how our archers competed and represented our community and school on the shooting lines at the State Competition,” Coach Kyle Woolston said. “We received compliments from coaches from other schools complimenting our archers on how they handled themselves on the line and their interactions with other archers.”