Switzerland County EMS will assist with transport to new KDH


The Switzerland County Emergency Medical Services organization held its quarterly meeting on Thursday, January 31st.

The meeting opened with officer elections, and Dennis Cole was elected President; Marylee Tolbert, Vice President; and Lewis Fritter Secretary/ Treasurer. Della Swincher was hired as the EMS attorney for a one year term.

The EMS director, Randy See, reported to the board that the Switzerland County Emergency Medical Services will be going to small claims court to try to recoup a total of $400,000 in outstanding claims for emergency runs over the past five years.

The people owing the money have been given three notices to pay the bill or set up a payment plan – and neither has been done.

Randy See explained that a fee is not charged if the patients are not transported.

The state has changed all certification levels, which will require more extensive EMT training. Along with this new certification, the EMTs will be able to administer more medication, which will be very valuable in an emergency situation.

It was announced that there will be an EMT Basic Class starting in April. This is open to anyone in the public interested in becoming an EMT. The class requires 180 hours of training which will be held twice a week, four hours per night.

Laurice See and Stephanie Stewart recently attended a three day training class in Seymour. This class was funded by the state through Homeland Security and was no cost to Switzerland County EMS.

In August there will be approximately 6-8 employees attending an Emergency Responder Conference in Indianapolis. This conference will count as part of the training required by the state for upgrading their certifications.

Dennis Cole reported that the Switzerland County Emergency EMS will be sending four trucks to help transport patients to the new King’s Daughters’ Hospital, which is opening on Saturday, February 23rd. King’s Daughters’ Hospital will be paying $1,000 per truck to the EMS for use of the vehicles.

The board also discussed the increase of $50 per run to transport patients to the new hospital, since it will increase driving distance and time required to get there.

Director Randy See would like to inform the public that there is always an opportunity to sign up for a CPR class that is offered free of charge.

The class is three hours long and is held at the EMS building in Vevay. He also stated that there are non emergency runs for patients that need to be transported to the hospital.

For information on training or classes please call 427-3750.

– Rosemary Bovard